Saturday, January 12, 2019

Helloooooo, 2019!

It's been so long since I blogged I have nearly forgotten how to do it! I took a 3 year hiatus but now thinking about joining the world of bloggers, once again!
My interests have certainly changed or evolved in the last 3's sort of funny how that happens.  I gravitated away from traditional scrapbooking as my adult kids don't really seem that interested in them and tend to like photo albums better which, of course, take up much less space.  I don't even make that many cards any more....I still enjoy that process but don't seem to make time for cards in the manner I used to! Note to self....get out those stamps!
So what takes up my creative time now? Well, I jumped on the PLANNER bandwagon a few years back and still enjoy "cute-ing" up a planner.  It kind of meets that need to scrapbook....I can still include photos and stickers and paper, ooohlala!  But it is a simpler and more streamlined way to record memories.  In fact, I coined the word "didder" to use instead of planner...(although I do have a true planner of things I need to do). I also use a planner to document everyday life.  I love this method!
I've also gotten involved in a few other means of creative expression which I will share later.  Stay tuned!
So as I said before...creativity can be expressed in oh-so-many the Avenue (Expression Avenue, that is)  will continue to provide a way for me to get there!
I just finished my 2018 "Didder"....2 volumes of photo journaling.  I love the way it turned out and learned some things about the process that I hope to streamline for 2019!

Here are my massive volumes...
I'll give you a peek inside in the next post!
Happy New Year!


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