Monday, April 6, 2015

Project Life, 2015 February 2

Well, hello...everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter...or for those celebrating Passover that you are enjoying those celebrations this week.

I did get back to a tad of Project Life, 2015 the other day.  As I've mentioned before I am not doing week by week layouts...I'm just filling pages with photos basically within a particular month.  This is working well for some weeks I have a ton of photos and some not so many.  As I'm not one to generally scrapbook or journal about my favorite color of fingernail polish...well, I just didn't want to be taking pictures for the sake of having something to put in my albums so I went to a slightly different format than I have in previous years. 

I'll probably change it next year to something else...LOL!

But I am liking the format for now...I'm enjoying the squared corners vs. rounded corners...I've  made my own 13x13 (digital, of course) templates that I can pretty much pop in cards from the digital kits I've purchased without having to do that infernal re-sizing, which I detest...and then at the end I resize the whole kit and caboodle to 12x12.  This has saved me just a ton of time, I think.  (At least a few minutes here and there!).  It has given me more time to blog the boring details of my Project Life process....LOL!

So here are my layouts for February Part 2 which basically covers the second week and up until about February 17.

I used Just Jaimee's Quinn kit which can be purchased at The Lilypad HERE.  I love Just Jaimee's kits...and even though I use them over and over two layouts look alike!

Here is the left side:
Notice my cutie pie dog, Isabella.  We all think our dogs are unique and wonderful. Well, Isabella is...except when she's annoying.  LOL!
And here is the right side:
I do seem to have a lot of photos of my grandkids with food.  I wonder what is up with that? Oh yeah...we are a family of eaters! We all love our food.  My granddaughter loves pickles and egg yolks and sub sandwiches.... my grandson says he's allergic to crackers.

Those kids!

I used my usual assortment of templates for my cards....some from Katie Pertiet, Tracy Larsen, The Lilypad...some I tweaked for my own use.

And that's it for today.  I think I will be able to do just one more layout to finish out February...I'd better get going...we are already well into April!  My goal of staying caught up blew out the first week of 2015!

Oh complaints.  The fun is in the process!

Happy Crafting!


  1. good progress on your 2015 book. I don't have 2014 complete yet. :(

  2. I love your new format, too! And I love your title card! So pretty!! I'm glad to see you and the kids back on your blog, Susan. I just love watching those kids as they grow up.


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