Thursday, August 28, 2014

Project Life, 2014: Week 7

Well, I thought I'd throw up a card here today instead of a Project Life layout but, alas, I don't have any cards to share!  It's about time my hands start feeling some paper and get messy with some inks and dyes.  Maybe today...

But I've become addicted to getting my Project Life for 2014 done.  After months of procrastinating I decided to jump in and now I am just obsessed with trying to get back on track.  Oh...Thanks, Niki and Donna!  Sheesh.

But, really....I'm loving it...and I sit in my family room with the tv tuned to the US I keep an eye on the cutie, Grigor Dimitrov, and see what tennis prowess he is demonstrating.

He is cute...don't you think?

My all time favorite, Rafael Nadal, pulled out of this tournament because he has a wrist injury.  So sad... 

Anyway, on to Project Life....and here we have Week 7.  That covers the period of February 9-15, 2014. 

I was into my second or so week at the beach and my daughter and grandkids came down to stay for a few days.  They just love being down there, too...and we have a great time.

Here is the left side:
I love Donna's way of doing her week cards.  She found the creation of the week card sort of annoying so she decided this year to use a landscape photo for her week card and overlay some brush work.  I like hers a lot better than mine but this is what I came up with.  I used an Ali Edwards brush that I found HERE.  I just stamped it in white on the photo and reduced the opacity a bit.  It was a simple way to identify the week but leave the beauty of the photo intact, I think.  And boy oh boy, do I love a winter beach sunset.  They are just different.  And there is a scientific reason,  of course.
If you're interested here is the reason...if not skip on down!

First, a lesson in the colors of the rainbow: Blue light has a short wavelength, so it gets scattered easiest by air molecules, such as nitrogen and oxygen. Longer wavelength lights -- reds and oranges -- are not scattered as much by air molecules.
During sunrise and sunset, light from the sun must pass through much more of our atmosphere before reaching our eyes, so it comes into contact with even more molecules in the air. Much of the blue light gets scattered away, making the reds and oranges more pronounced.
During this time of year, weather patterns allow for dry, clean Canadian air to sweep across country, and more colors of the spectrum make it through to our eyes without getting scattered by particles in the air, producing brilliant sunsets and sunrises that can look red, orange, yellow or even pink.

Interesting, huh? 

Back to the layout...I used an Ali Edwards brush for the bottom right photo as well.  And the top right photo and journaling card were done with Katie Pertiet's Pocket Splits 1.  These templates are so wonderful for photo and journaling!  Love them...although they are a tad time consuming to use!  LOL...if there is a simple way to do it I am going to find the harder more complicated way.  Overkill.  But it's fun, right?

I used the Traci Reed February kit for my papers and embellishments.

And here is the right side:

The top right card has another Ali Edwards stamp...and the card was a template from Lori Whitlock.
And lastly, the "Wonder" stamp was from Katie Pertiet.

It was a fun week.  Life is good.  Project Life plugs along (at a snail's pace....but it's getting done!)

Happy crafting and keep creating!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Project Life: Week 6

Week 6...this Project Life layout for Week 6 covers the period of February 2-8.  Some Project Lifers do their pages from Monday-Sunday of a given week so that they have both weekend days together.  That makes sense to me.

I do things that don't always make sense but I prefer to do my pages Sunday-Saturday.  I'm retired.  Every day is a weekend day to me so I'm good with the calendar Sunday to Saturday thing.  I never did like calendars at work that started on a Monday.  Just another one of those OCD qualities....


So here is a Sunday to Saturday week for me which I am calling Week 6.
I was in Florida at the beach and the little kiddies were here in Atlanta.  Thank heavens for iPhone photos, though... I prefer a "real" camera but my daughter who is the mother of the 3 little active ones is lucky to generally have her iPhone with her and can whip it out to snag that photo.  She just doesn't seem to use a "real" camera often any longer.  It works for her...and I get the photos so it works for me.

I used the February Tracy Reed kit with a template by Tracy Larsen .  I didn't have tons of photos for the week (well, I did but most were duplicates....I mean, I must have taken 574 photos of the sunset!) so not many collages here....but that's ok.  This still does show where we were and what we did during the week.  And that's what Project Life is all about.

I love brushes also called digital stamps  (I use Photoshop Elements) and the versatility of them. Easy to change the size...the ink color...the opacity.  Cool beans!

Digital is easier.  It still takes me a while to do it...but it is much easier for me to get things just right and the way I like them.

Here is the left side:

And here is the right:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Life, 2014 Week 5B

More Digital Project Life dilemmas....Some weeks I may have more photos to use that what would fit on a standard 2 page spread.  How does one handle additional photos.  My personal Project Life Guru, Donna Gibson, of 365 Day of Donna prints out insert pages and then uses smaller page protectors to insert her printed pages in.  I was hoping to get my pages printed out in a photobook (or 2) this year and wondered how insert pages could be handled.  Donna directed me to another blogger who actually does photo books....has "insert pages" printed directly into her book and then cuts away (with scissors) the part she doesn't want to keep.

Ok, that made about as much sense as mud.  Let me see if I can find the link. it is:

You can more clearly see how she printed a "half page" and then cut around it to make it look like an insert page.

I love the look but the idea of cutting up my printed book gives me the heebie jeebies.  Plus, being the frugal one, why would I pay for a whole page to cut half away?!  But I love the idea and maybe some other time!

For now I will just make extra pages.

So here is my 5B...where we had additional happenings that week that needed to be mentioned.  Get it?

And mostly that additional happening was I went to the beach for my annual several week stay.  :)

I used items from the Just Jamie August Storyteller kit.  I love it.  So fun...and so easy to work with!  I love that she includes a lot of digital stamps in her kit that just work so well to liven up a layout!

Here is a closeup of the left side and my fabulous friend, well as my cutie pie dog, Isabella.
Linda rode down with me to the beach and stayed a few days.  I <3 her.  We have been tennis partners for 14 years!  And still going strong... :)

And here is the right:
And that's it for today, my friends...

Happy Crafting and Keep Creating!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Project Life, 2014: Week 5

I am doing a great job of getting myself all confused with what weeks I've for Project Life, what pictures I've already scrapped, etc.  And since I'm also working on a paper album for Wade's first year...well some of these pictures look (and ARE!) oh-so-familiar! 

This is a real lesson in cognitive ability.  I'm failing....LOL!

Anyway, here is Week 5:

Here is the left side:

I decided to use a freebie kit I found searching around the 'net...this one is by Allison Kimball.  It had some cute papers and these oh so fun hand drawn snowflakes.  Perfect for these snow pages!
Here is the right:
The top left journaling card was created with a Cindy Schneider layered card that took  a LOOONG time to make.  It consists of about 10 layers!  But I'm happy with the way it turned out!

And that's it for week 5!

On to week 5B! LOL...will explain that one in the next post!

Happy Crafting and Keep Creating!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Project Life Week 32

So, yes, I am jumping around doing my Project Life for 2014.  That's tough for me...the chronological scrapper, but since I started mid year...well, past mid year...I'm going to try to keep current but work on the old stuff concurrently. 

Note to self:  Don't do it this way in 2015! 

I wish I could just put photos in the slots but no....I am using templates to put the photos in and adding SCHTUFF so it is a bit more time consuming.  Still...much less than the paper least for me.  I'm missing my paper, though...need to make a few cards today, perhaps.

Or clean house.  Or not.

So here is Week 32:

 One great thing about Digital Project Life pages is that they just look so clean and neat!  Everything is perfectly aligned.  I do like that!  And look, GLARE!

Here is the left side...a bit closer up.  I used the Just Jamie Storyteller August kit for the papers and embellies.  This is a mega kit that came with digital stamps and all kinds of good stuff.  I really enjoyed working with it.

 That cute little boy with the big blue eyes in the middle of the page is my friend's grandson, Logan.  He's just so cute and such a happy little boy.
I love the photos of my grandkids sleeping.  It is so unusual to see no movement with them.  
In the middle to the right I added a QR code of a very short video of David practicing reading.  I love that he's already sounding out words and learning phonics and sight words...and he isn't even 5 yet!
If you have a QR reader please watch it and let me know it works! ;)
Here is the right side:

I love pages where there are a lot of different activities.  Yay for Dropbox...yay for smartphone cameras...yay for family and friends...yay for selfies and yay for life!

And now...back to February.....LOL!!!

Happy Crafting and Keep Creating!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 4

Closing in on the end of January, 2014!  Woohoo!

So here is Week 4.  'Nuff said...

Here is the left side:

And here is the right:

I still used the Traci Reed January Collection...there is seriously so much in this kit it doesn't seem or feel repetitive...even thought I've already used it 123 times.  I did use a few Tracy Larsen templates...I tweaked the upper right one to make it right for the photos I had.  

Having fun...having fun....loving the process and the result.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Birthday x 2!

I always commiserate and complain about making boy cards. I just find them a challenge. I don't know why but I do. So I got hit with a double whammy recently when I had to make cards for a set of twin boys.  And they aren't little boys who'd like monsters and trucks...oh no...this variety was turning 30!  LOL!

So this is what I came up with to attach to a six pack of imported beers for each of them.  No Transformers, Thomas the Train or Legos for them!  It's beer.

I used some scraps of papers I had, a Simon Says Stamp metal die for the sentiment which I inlaid with a contrasting but complementary print, and some little EK Success punches for the banner.  

It was so fast and easy I duplicated it for Twin #2:

Happy and fun and appropriately boyish enough I think.

Here they are side by side.  Twins.
I would imagine neither paid a lot of attention to the card....they were probably more interested in the enclosed gift card and beer but I was happy with this boyish attempt!

Happy Crafting!