Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Who Would Have Thought?!

Who would have thought you could make a simple cornflower with just some simple strokes of a paintbrush??? Well, I certainly did not know but I learned this simple technique with the Online Watercolor Class - Intermediate that I am taking. Yana Smakula whose blog is HERE is just an awesome cardmaker and crafter! Anyway, she did an awesome video and tutorial on using a round brush, loading it with pigment and water and bringing it to the paper.

Voila(!) a cornflower!

It was so much fun....I did the blue cornflower...this is my first and only attempt but it would be fun to do it in some other would make a pretty carnation, wouldn't it?

I used some some green watercolor to make a wash and then cut out "hello" with a Lawn Fawn die.  I decided to cut it out in white, too, and then offset it a little and put it on a vellum band.

And that's it for today!

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