Monday, June 15, 2015

Crafting Innovators: The Crafty Lemon

A very special friend of mine (one of my daughter's BFF from high school) is quite the crafty person. Amanda (yes, she shares the same name my daughter has...and yes, that has created some confusion over the years! HA!) has left her job recently in corporate America to pursue her passion and dream.  A year or so ago she founded a craft club in her neighborhood where the neighbor kids could come for crafting and to also learn about other things (like nutrition) in a fun way.

Amanda has created a line of natural health and beauty products which funds her craft club(s).Her venture is called The Crafty Lemon and you can see it HERE  and shop HERE.  Cool idea! Amanda sells a great line of lip balms made with good and wholesome ingredients.  Why would you put icky chemicals on your lips like some of the big name lip balm companies when you can use natural and organic products.  A. NO. Brainer.

Anyway she dropped by today to give me a sample which I'm going to take on an upcoming trip!  I just tried it out and my lips feel like silk! SMOOCH!

And, Amanda...being the crafty thing she is cut this packaging with her Silhouette:
 It perfectly holds the lip balm and she has successfully used it as a mailer!
There are three sides to are the other two:

When opened the lip balm was wrapped in matching blue tissue paper.
Once opened you see the lip balm.  The label has art work which was done by kids of the craft club.
Isn't that cute?
I think what Amanda is trying to do is awesome.  She would like to set up chapters in other neighborhoods...she wants many children to have the opportunity to craft and express themselves through creativity.

This is all so wonderful I thought I needed to share!

Happy Crafting!

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