Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And So It Begins...

Yesterday AG/Adorable Grandson/David reached one of those big milestone things.  He is almost 2 years old and although I wish I could say he was potty trained...well, that just hasn't happened yet so no...that isn't the milestone I'm referring to.  His milestone? Well, he had his first day of Mother's Morning Out!  Besides his mommy, his daddy, and me (with an occasional stay with his other grandparents) David has essentially been with one of his his entire life.  Well, for those of you who have known of him his entire may remember he went to day care for about 2 months when his mommy returned to work when he was about 3 months...but of course, he doesn't remember that.
We had gone up to the church where his MMO program is for an Open House the other day and he was happy playing with all the toys and going out with me to the playground but we were always within his view.  Today was a whole different game~!
I arrived at his house while his mother was getting his shoes on him...he was just about ready. 
I tried to get a first day of school picture of him but this was as good as it got.  Notice the cute little monogrammed bag they gave each child...
David decided it was more fun looking in the bag than smiling for his Omie:
I love those little red plaid shorts....
Mommy got him all buckled into his car seat:
He's making a face there but he really wasn't's just what the camera happened to snap.
We got to the church and here they are coming down the hallway:
Of course it was really icky outside this morning...rain, rain, rain...that has nothing to do with the photo except that Amanda is carrying him (instead of him walking) because she was trying to get through the parking lot quickly.
At this point he's not too sure...looking in the room where his teachers and a few kids already were. A few of the kids were already crying.... David doesn't like when other children cry.  He prefers when he is the only one crying...
 At this point he's ok...he's just standing and looking around.  You know the old adage "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"? Well, he wasn't squeaking so he wasn't getting much attention at this point but he's ok...
And again...a few minutes later...he's just sort of standing there looking a tad overwhelmed...
but not crying.  I don't think he's totally noticed we're not in his sight.  We are standing behind a one way mirror.
I finally got the attention of someone (the director) and asked her to please give him a car or something to play with.  Poor kid didn't know what he was supposed to do and all the attention with the two teachers was going to the kids who were really distraught.  We could tell David was a tad distraught but he wasn't going to show it yet.
Then we left.  It was about 9:15.  At 9:30 I told Amanda I wanted to go pick him back up!
But we waited until 12:15...went back to the school...and peeked through the one way mirror again.
He's difficult to see here but he's actually sitting on the floor listening to a story (he loves stories and books).

He looked fine....not terribly upset...just sort of subdued and observant....
Then finally (!) the door opened and the moms could get their kids.  We don't know what the teacher said...and a few of the kids were crying...well, he got a bit scared, I guess and started crying...
 And boy did he crank up!

Totally distraught...look at that face:
Poor little guy...but then we got him to the car where his mommy had a brand new first day of school surprise for him (a little car) and he was one happy camper.

Thursday he'll go again...
I think this has been harder on me than when I sent his mommy and his uncle off to preschool programs!

And how did NBG/Taylor take to all this?

As long as she has her thumb she's one happy and contented baby!


  1. Awwe thank you for sharing that Susan... How sweet. I'm missing my Lily to but I'm not allowed to go cause she will just cling to me and cry..:(
    I do wait for the bus to bring her home tho.
    Have a great day.

  2. Enjoyed seeing the photos. Brings back memories of my daughter who was daycared from age 2 months thru Kindergarten who enjoyed day care. I'm sure it will get better with time with your grandson.

  3. Aw- brought back lots of memories! How sweet! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)Amy

  4. Hi Susan,
    TFS the photos and the story. I guess it's harder on the parents and GP than on the children.



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