Monday, September 12, 2011

Oops, I Did it Again!

Here Taylor is in her Britney Spears onesie that Auntie Amanda got for her a while back.  Actually she got it when my daughter (also Amanda) was pregnant the first time...we didn't know AG (David) was a boy until he popped out! :)  But luckily, baby #2 or NBG (New Baby Girl) came along and we had someone to wear the cute onesie.
OK, so I thought this was just so appropriate for my personal "ooops I did it again" thing.

I went and bought yet another camera!  I am a camera junkie as I mentioned before. As I've said before I just cannot walk past a display of cameras without picking each up and looking at them...holding them in my hand...checking out the features, etc.  It's just something I do!

So...a few weeks back I picked up the Canon SX230 IS which I am loving.  I took this photo the other night off the deck here at the condo where we are staying AT THE BEACH.  That camera has a feature for night time handheld (vs tripod)  photography where it takes 3 photos successively and merges them to make one fairly good one. 
Not perfect, but not bad, huh?

I have my Canon XSi and all the fancy lenses and this fabulous little point and shoot in addition to my iPhone camera but decided I needed more!  I am really hesitant about taking my cameras on the beach.  I totally messed up an old film 35mm camera several years ago by getting sand in the body by accident so just don't take cameras to the beach any longer.  I thought...well, you need something on the beach!  I looked at those horrible disposable cameras but they take terrible pictures and then if you get them developed you have to pay for that and get all kinds of photos you'd never use. Plus...the one use cameras are about $12 a piece so I figure I'll pay this baby off in about 12 days the way I take photos!

So that's how I justified getting a waterproof camera!  I saw this one a while back...researched it a bit...the reviews were ok...nothing great but I thought well, at least it would give me something at not too high of a price.
Here is the new little baby in a very fashionable blue:

I've had a good time taking some photos on the beach and by the pool.  It's stress free because if it gets wet it won't die....
Love this photo with my SIL and AG (both named David) and I caught the seagull in flight.  And look at those clouds!

and how cute is this?
Hoping to take another 100 or so photos today! :)

Happy Crafting to you and Happy Beaching to me!


  1. Adorable little baby in her cute onsie! You should be able to take all kinds of pictures now with all of the cameras-- not to mention you'll look so fashionable carrying the blue one (can I say swimsuit to match ?)

  2. Great photos!!! Taylor and David are so cute! And of course, I love the new camera because it's blue! :)

  3. LOL! The expression on Taylor's face looks like she is doing it again. =)


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