Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Great Find!

I love a great find, don't you?  And I love good storage, don't you?  
I got both when I happened into Michaels the other day and found this great rolling cart ON CLEARANCE!  I searched for a photo of it online but I couldn't find one...I found some similar and they were priced as high as $100 on eBay.   I paid $29.99.  Yep...great find!

Here is a photo of the box:
It comes unassembled but putting it together was a breeze.  It even came with an allen wrench so I didn't have to go hunting a correctly sized screw driver. 
Here are photos of it assembled:
 It comes with 2 chrome shelves as well as 6 drawers large enough for 12x12 paper and 3 drawers that measure about 9 inches wide.  I am storing some tools on the top shelf for now and a Close to My Heart divided box with journaling cards etc. on the second shelf.   The colored cardstock you see is actually behind the cart on my wire shelves....

 The cart also comes with drawer dividers that you place in the 12x12 drawers which are fabulous for storing smaller items like Stickles, buttons, flair, etc.

 I stacked up some of my Thickers and other assorted items in the deeper drawers and since there is clearance between the drawers they still close easily.
I have this sitting at the end of my work table and am storing Project Life items on it as well as some of my tools.  It has given me some space to get some of those things off my work table and a bit more room!
I did have a plastic cart with those snap shut containers which is great for going off to crop but a hassle when working because any time you want something you had to take the container out to open it.  Here I just slide a drawer?  Easy and fast!

Great find as I say!  I think this will be PERFECT for me!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. definitely an AWESOME find, not sure where I would have room for that bt I love all the little bins it has.


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