Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa Will Be Here Soon! I ready for Santa?  Heck, no!  I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away.
Christmas Cards...yeah, I made and sent a few but I still need to get my main card done.  Uh, probably going to be a New Year's card instead!  ...maybe...maybe not....

Presents wrapped? 

Cookies baked? 

Decorations up?  Yep...sparse but they are there!

But I am excited because I do love this season....and I will be spending it with the grand angels.  We will spend the night at their house so that we can be sure to see all the Santa fun-ness! ;)

I can't believe it's been about 3 weeks since I've posted but I was gone a whole week on a Caribbean cruise.  See?

Here is our ship and I circled our cabin because I wanted you to know exactly where we were. 
Because that's important.  HAHA.  My friend is actually a cruise consultant/booking person and so I really did this for her as I wanted her to know exactly how it looked.  By the way...her name is Jan Pepe and she is the most thorough travel person we have ever used.  She works tirelessly to find the best rates and answers all questions and more!  She will give great service....I promise.  If you need a cruise or vacation booking person her email address is or you can check her out HERE.
Anyway, back to my ship and cabin:
 She got us a great deal on a balcony cabin which was not much more than an inside cabin.  That's how good she is!  LOL...that and thank you, AARP discounts.  LOL!!!

So we were gone which coupled with the Christmas season being shorter this year (due to Thanksgiving being so LATE!) has just put me so behind on just about every aspect of my life! LOL!!!  But it's ok!!!

I've been doing more little things with vinyl. I made this chopping board for my fellow wine drinking partner, Christine.
 That's Christine up top there....We celebrated her birthday. 
I did this on my Silhouette.  I found the jpeg on line of the wine openers and then just found a font I liked.  I think it was a very fun gift and she seemed to like it.
I also made her this wine tumbler.  You know, on the inside it looks like a wine glass but it's plastic and no spill.  Kind of like a sippy cup for an adult! LOL!
We have special names for each other and hers in "Chore Chick".  Long story....another day maybe.  I am "Crispy Chick" because I am known to burn things when I emboss.  Watch out if you see me with a heat gun!  Protect your carpets!
Well, that's it for today....I think I'll go make a few more cards to send on Monday!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love the pic of the ship!
    I bet your friend loved that gift! I know I would! HINT!!
    Great job, Crispy Chick!

  2. Now this was a fun post! Thanks for the info your cruise consultant!


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