Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Project Life: Week 45

Oh My Doodness!  OK, that is NOT a typo.  I am impersonating my granddaughter, Taylor, who just does not quite get "good" out.  Everything is "dood".  The other day she came in the house when I was making soup..."Omie, that smells DOOD!" is the first thing she said.  And then once she was behind me in a chair and hugging me and said "Omie, you smell dood!"  So...there you go..."oh my doodness I am behind on my Project Life!"  I did so well all year to fall behind at the last stretch.  I had foot surgery November 5 and then we went on a cruise the first week in December so just have behind, behind, behind....but I'll get it done...I promise....and all will be "dood".  Again.

Ok...I'm a speech therapist and I KNOW that "dood" is not really good at all....but really she's just fronting her back sounds.  The sounds you make in the back of her mouth (i.e. the k/g sounds) Taylor makes at the front of her mouth...t/d).  Lotsa kids do it at her age so I'm not worried....she will get it straightened out.  And if not....I know a decent speech therapist who can help her.  ;)

But mostly, I just love when she says "dood".   Life is way "dood".

Enough of all that doodness. And onto Project Life.

I actually have a few weeks done I forgot to post....here is Week 45. 
I know I used Thickers for the week card but I really don't recall what other papers I used.  So there. 

Here is the left side:

And yes....you can see my ugly deformed foot in the bottom right picture and my foot post surgery.  It's doing great, by the way!

I love these Scrabble tile letter stickers...
And here is the right side.  Lots of photos of cute little Wade.
And one of me in the hospital after my surgery.  Texting, of course.  LOL!
Well, that's it for Week 45...I'm going to spend some of my New Year's Eve working to finish Project Life for 2013.

Thank "Doodness"!

And Happy New Year to all...may 2014 be the best year ever!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

For those of you celebrating Christmas, I wish you the merriest day!

We had a really fun day.  I spent the night with the grandkids and it was so much fun to see the excitement on their faces when they saw Santa had visited and must have thought they'd been good little children after all!

We had a wonderful meal with extended family....10 children and 15 adults.  Wonderful fun, good food, lots of noise and chaos! LOL!  Now my husband and I are back home where it's quiet and we are enjoying a glass of wine!

Here are a few more holiday cards I made:

The first is a CASE-ing of a Shari Carroll card (I love her work!) with the Simon Says Stamp Card kit of the month for December.  I cut the little tag out with my Silhouette.  The stamp set included in the card kit had a large XO stamp as well as one that stamped smaller images and both were used on this card.  I thought it was so darned cute!

I made one for each of my kids...they were so much fun to do.

The one below was also made with the same card kit which included Doodlebug papers.  I just liked the colors and printed papers....and I simply embossed the sentiment on red cardstock.
 This card also has a little Washi tape on it...can you spot it?  ;)

Hope your day was a Merry as can be!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Excitement Begins

My little grandkids are so excited that Santa will be visiting soon.  One wants a "Teenage Mutant ENGINE Turtle Secret Sewer Lair" (LOL!) and another wants "Minnie Mouth Toyth".  Too cute.  I love those kids.

I spend some time playing around with my toys and made a few more cards to get out.
Here is one I did which is a very proud, albeit shameless, CASE-ing of a Darlene DeVries card.  I did change out the printed paper but it is definitely her design.  I used the Simon Says Stamp Card Kit of the Month for December which you can see here:
I love the Doodlebug papers...so happy and festive.  Sadly the kit is sold out! 

Here is my card:
 I stamped the sentiment with Versafine Ink and then embossed it with clear embossing powder.  The little mittens were stamped with Stampin' Up ink and then I used a green Wink of Stella pen to give it a bit of shimmer.  And I used Glossy Accents on the little hearts.

It was a fun card to make....sometimes you just find a design you like and it is so much fun to duplicate and to also put your own touches on it.

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa Will Be Here Soon!

...am I ready for Santa?  Heck, no!  I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away.
Christmas Cards...yeah, I made and sent a few but I still need to get my main card done.  Uh, probably going to be a New Year's card instead!  ...maybe...maybe not....

Presents wrapped?  Uh...no. 

Cookies baked?   Uh...no. 

Decorations up?  Yep...sparse but they are there!

But I am excited because I do love this season....and I will be spending it with the grand angels.  We will spend the night at their house so that we can be sure to see all the Santa fun-ness! ;)

I can't believe it's been about 3 weeks since I've posted but I was gone a whole week on a Caribbean cruise.  See?

Here is our ship and I circled our cabin because I wanted you to know exactly where we were. 
Because that's important.  HAHA.  My friend is actually a cruise consultant/booking person and so I really did this for her as I wanted her to know exactly how it looked.  By the way...her name is Jan Pepe and she is the most thorough travel person we have ever used.  She works tirelessly to find the best rates and answers all questions and more!  She will give great service....I promise.  If you need a cruise or vacation booking person her email address is janp@mei-travel.com or you can check her out HERE.
Anyway, back to my ship and cabin:
 She got us a great deal on a balcony cabin which was not much more than an inside cabin.  That's how good she is!  LOL...that and thank you, AARP discounts.  LOL!!!

So we were gone which coupled with the Christmas season being shorter this year (due to Thanksgiving being so LATE!) has just put me so behind on just about every aspect of my life! LOL!!!  But it's ok!!!

I've been doing more little things with vinyl. I made this chopping board for my fellow wine drinking partner, Christine.
 That's Christine up top there....We celebrated her birthday. 
I did this on my Silhouette.  I found the jpeg on line of the wine openers and then just found a font I liked.  I think it was a very fun gift and she seemed to like it.
I also made her this wine tumbler.  You know, on the inside it looks like a wine glass but it's plastic and no spill.  Kind of like a sippy cup for an adult! LOL!
We have special names for each other and hers in "Chore Chick".  Long story....another day maybe.  I am "Crispy Chick" because I am known to burn things when I emboss.  Watch out if you see me with a heat gun!  Protect your carpets!
Well, that's it for today....I think I'll go make a few more cards to send on Monday!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, December 2, 2013

'Tis the Season to Be Busy!

I am sure everyone feels the way I do!  This starts the "oh my gosh, I'm so busy I don't have enough time!"  I know I have the same 24 hours a day that everyone else has but some people definitely seem to manage it better than others.  Me?  I am great at wasting time and then wondering why I am running around like crazy! LOL!

I did get my house decorated.  We bought a new tree this year....I had a 9.5 foot tree that just seemed to grow each year and got more and more difficult for my old man husband and me to put up!  So we gave it to my daughter and put up a pencil tree in our living room.  It looked so dinky for the past two years that I got it in my mind to get a new one this year.  It's smaller... 7.5 feet but wider at the base.  And it's one of that has a bit of snow and berries on it...as well as little "ice" chips and is just so darned pretty I can barely stand it.  And the piece de resistance is a rotating stand.  Too cool.  My tree does a pretty pirouette on its stand.

I haven't had much time for crafting but life is great! :)  I did play around with some additional vinyl this evening because I had a little time.
I made this little snowman ornament which is filled with that plastic snow stuff.  I just pulled the circles into my Silhouette software and cut it.  I didn't have any orange vinyl so I just cut and colored some white with Copics and a bit of Wink of Stella glitter.

I see that I have a top hat file that I may still cut out.  But how easy this was to make...
I also did another block or two.  Here's one I did tonight:

This was from a file in the Silhouette Online store...I just moved things around a bit.

And lastly I saw this great idea on a site devoted to Silhouette cutting machines.  I have always had this dilemma about what fonts to use and what fonts cut well, etc.  I do profess I am a font lover...and addict like many of you out there! LOL!  Anyway I saw an idea to cut some of the favorite fonts in vinyl and attach them to the cover of the Silhouette. 

Like this...

It gives a great visual of how the fonts look cut....so I think this is a nice beginning!

And that's it for today!!!

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I can get more crafting done!

I hope you do, too!