Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Project Life, 2015: January Layout 4

Layout #4 for January pretty much brings me to the end of January.  So on to February and then March...and by then it will be June...
I will forever be in a state of "catching up-edness".  It's a fact.
No worries...I guess what would be worse than always being behind is not taking pictures and capturing memories...especially those of my grandchildren growing up. They are very well documented kids! My husband always tells me that he has very few photos of his childhood.  I've only seen 2, I think.  He was a middle child...lots of photos, apparently, of his older brother...and than quite a few of his younger sister...but his parents didn't do quite as many of him.  That's his story, anyway. My grandchildren will know just about everything they ever did....whether they want to or not! LOL!

So here is my fourth set of layouts which, as I said, closes out January, 2015. Yay. Me.
Here is the left side...we continued another fun filled and busy week at the beach! I used Just Jaimee's Storyteller for January, 2014 for the papers and elements and assorted templates from the Lily Pad and Lori Whitlock for my cards.

Here is the right side:
We went back to Wonderworks (we had visited it last year and both David and Taylor remembered it and wanted to go back). It is a great indoor amusement park...but it is all educational! You learn about weather, physics, science and more. It is very interactive and hands on and the children really enjoy it. I highly recommend it if you have children over the ages of 3...and it's fun and interesting for adults, too. We visited the one in Panama City Beach, FL but there are locations elsewhere (Orlando, FL and Myrtle Beach, SC to name a few).
Below you can see the layouts side by side as they will appear when printed out:

Well, I only have 2 more days at the beach before heading home! I can't believe my 6 weeks are up!

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  1. I love these pages! You know what's funny? You're not doing weeks, but you're ending up with about the same number of pages as if you'd done weekly, 2-page spreads. Every time you say you used Lori Whitlock templates, I think I need to use them, too. I certainly bought them, of course! :) Would you please tell me where you used them? I don't know them well enough to spot them. Keep up the good work, Susan! I'm going to miss your beach photos.


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