Thursday, October 17, 2013

Christmas Tags Archiver's Style

I have posted here about how much I enjoy classes I take at Archiver's.  They are not usually very difficult...and sometimes we all learn a few new things or get to play with some new products.  The annual tag class is no exception and I love making all the little tags.

I went with 2 of whom says she doesn't much care for the Archiver's classes.  I love them....what's not to love?  They do all the hard work and we just stick and glue and embellish and emboss.  And we can get caught up on all our yapping.  And they clean up the mess we make!  So again...what's not to love?  LOL!

Back to the Christmas tags....if I use them for family gifts I make the recipient give them back to me so that I can recycle them the next year.  I am like that.  It's my contribution to the greening of America.  LOL!

Seriously, the tags are generally too cute to toss so why not use them again I ask you?

Since I've taken this class each year for the past few years I think I have more tags than gifts to give.  A good problem to have, I believe....

We made 10 tags...I'll share 3 of those today.

The first was just some popped up paper with a square cut out to make it look like a fireplace.  How easy is that?!  And then we just stuck on some 3d embellishments...those stocking are made out of felt and so cute!

The second one was done with some silver cardstock and a circle punch, a stamped and hand cut tree, a Hero Arts banner stamp which was hand cut and some bling.  Easy and I like the way this little one turned out!

And the third one was done with a tag shape cut with a Silhouette design, some chevron washi tape, a stamped sentiment and a little punched snowflake with a bit of bling.

All were fast and easy!

So we tried to get a photo of me with the 3 little ones, David, Taylor and Wade, yesterday.  About 20 photos were snapped but none was great.  LOL!

We tried "look at Mommy", "put your legs down", "smile", "put your hands down", "put your hands down and smile", "put your legs and hands down and look at Mommy", "open your eyes and put your legs down", "sit up", "sit up and smile",  "open your eyes and smile and stop doing fill in the blank".  LOL!!! It is what it is! 
I love these kids!  I've told my daughter that for Christmas I'd like a professionally done portrait of the kids.  Good luck to that professional!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Love this picture Susan, I know you are loving those grand babies, I'm so loving mine as well. I will try to be more consistent in my posting cause I do miss you guys....

  2. I forgot to mention that I love the tags too...LOL

  3. I remember when I went with you to Archiver's with you to make Christmas tags. I like the tree tag the best of the three that you have posted. Can't believe that you have three grandchildren now. They will really keep you busy. Enjoy!

  4. Like the tags. Especially like the Tree. No pro photo. This type of photo is more fun and look back at.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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