Monday, September 8, 2014

A Card! A Card!

A shameless copy! LOL! 

An outright steal!

A total theft!

That's what this card is.  Oh books may be slightly different but this is a pretty close copy of one designed by Stephanie Klauck which you can see HERE if you want to see the same card on another blog.  LOL!  OK, mine is a bit different....

I was in a big hurry when I made this card (sort of) because my friend was here and despite spending three hours "crafting" I had little to I wanted to get this done.  The Simon Says Stamp card kit for September has the cutest little library themed stamp set.


I mean, that stamp set with all the books and shelves is just so darned cute.

So here is my version...
I kind of like that my little framed print is hanging askew.  Most pictures in my house are hanging askew.  LOL!!!

What a fun set...can't wait to use it for more cards! 

Happy Crafting and Keep Creating! :)

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  1. This is a very cute stamp set. Love the card even if it's a "copy" (:



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