Friday, September 5, 2014

Project Life, 2014: Week 11

Here we are at week 11 of my Project Life/Digital Version which covers the period of March 9-15, 2014.

The two page layout side by side looks like this:

I didn't have a good landscape type card for this week so went back to creating a Week Card with some things from the Tracy Reed March kit.  The March stamp is from a stash but I can't remember right now to whom I need to give credit! LOL! 
Here is a closeup of the left:
And here is the right side:
I used Tracy Larsen, Lori Whitlock, and Lily Pad collage templates which help in the process of using multiple photos in a slot.

And that's it for today!

Happy Crafting and Keep Creating!


  1. Fabulous collection of photos this week!!

  2. You have some wonderful fun!!

  3. Love this! Ok, I need you to come over and give me a digi tutorial! I hope you're healing ok.


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