Sunday, January 4, 2015

Project Life, 2014: Week 24

I am back in the swing of PL-ing our lives. Of course I am half a year behind but I hear worse war stories out there!  I took about a month off creating layouts because I was doing other projects for the holidays...and life just got in the way...I have found that when I take a break it's really hard to get going again.  I don't know if others have that problem but I certainly do!

But I did Week 23 the other day and the mojo I finally got going helped me complete Week 24 which is here:

I used a mega collaborative kit called "Currently" from the Lilypad. It is a wonderful kit packed with all kinds of easy to use stuff!
Here is the left side:
I usually use Wade's month photo for the week card but since were a week late getting it taken I decided to just use it in the week the photo was taken.  That is probably as clear as mud...what happened is that my daughter didn't get around to taking his "month" photo until the week after he turned 8 when I was going through her photos, I forgot about this one as I didn't see it in the photos for last week and I have completed those layouts and am not changing them!  That's PL for me...make it work!
Here is the right side:

I do have blanks in the card about Taylor and her doctor's appointment.  We need to locate her height and weight and as soon as we do that I'll amend my card to include that info.  And yes, I saved out my layers so I will easily be able to add in the text.  Yay, me!

I'm getting close to the half year mark!!!

And now to start on 2015!!!

But first time to get the Christmas decorations down!!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. I like the chalkboard idea for the monthly photos. I recognize the bridge at Stone Mtn from when hubby & I visited. The sand & water play sets look like fun.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. You are 1/2 through 2014--I haven't started. Wonderful LO's.

  3. Wade is out of the baby stage, for sure, now. He's so photogenic! And that Taylor in her modeling pose! =) (Did you ever think you'd rejoice about getting half of the year done after the next year has already started? :-/)

  4. PS. Blake was terrified that a terrible storm was about to hit us, too. We were so mean teasing him about it.


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