Monday, January 5, 2015

Project Life:2014 Week 25

This week posed an interesting dilemma for me.  I usually have too many photos and it is time consuming to go through them and determine what will get used...and what will get tossed.  This week was the first time I had the opposite problem. My daughter and I use Dropbox for file sharing and lo and behold when I went in to pull out the photos that she had taken...well, there were only about 4.  Then I looked in my own files to see what I had and I only had a few, as well! I sat here at my laptop with my iPhone to the right of me...texted my daughter that I was sad we had no photos of David for this week.  Not one photo.  She texted back that she had a video of David doing the monkey bars for the first time and within 3 minutes and dropped 6 frames into Dropbox for me to use. Problem solved fairly quickly! As we all say over and over...Technology. Is. Amazing!!

So this is what I came up with for Week 25 using Just Jaimee's June Storyteller kit:

I still didn't have a ton of pictures so I had to sort of improvise a bit.  I loved the photo of Wade sleeping in his mother's arms but I thought it might look more striking as a black and white. I also modified the Becky Higgins template by "elongating" the top left slot (which is normally for a 4x6 inch photo) and made it 8x6inches roughly.  I thought that gave me a nice balanced look to the page.  I made the Week 25 card with a brush from the Story teller kit as well as a 4x6 card.

Here is a closer look at the left side:
Check out Taylor in her bed! HAHA!

Here is the right side:
I used a template from Paislee Press for the photos of David on the Monkey Bars.  The photo of Wade with the booboo nose is from Lori Whitlock.

I love my simple Less is More layouts. Maybe my goal should be to take fewer photos...not MORE!

Happy Crafting!

and for me...? On to Week 26!


  1. The quality of the frames from the video is amazing! What a clever idea!! Sometimes I have a short video that's not worthy of a QR code. Maybe I should try pulling frames from it. I rarely have too few photos, but I often have too many not-so-good photos, ones that aren't worthy of a whole pocket. That's one reason I use so many 4x6 templates. I've changed the size/shape of masks on a template, too. That's one of the reasons I love digital. Great pages, Susan!

  2. PS. I totally forgot I have those Lori Whitlock templates! Thanks for using one. :)


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