Monday, August 1, 2011

Cricut Challenge 19: Disney Pixar Cars and Bonus!

Continuing onward with my personal Cricut Challenge of making something with each cartridge I own meant that today I would work with the Disney Pixar Cars cartridge.  I never was interested much in Disney characters...especially as related to the Cricut...but of course that's before I had a grandson.  My grandson is not quite 2 years old...but he is into CARS!  It's so funny.  I didn't know kids would be "into" something at this age but I guess with all the bombarding of media...well, it's bound to happen.  He had gotten a Cars book...then we got him the Cars video...and he loves it!  He also has quite an assortment of little cars now and can name them.  His first real sentence was "Ido wahwah" which of course, meant "Guido is in your glass of water, Mommy.  I accidentally on purpose put it in there and now I can't get it out.  I need your help, Mommy". 
See?  You can also see Lightening McQueen peeking out in dismay from behind the cup of water!

So I bought the Cars Cricut Cartridge because I thought I could make something for David with it.  I finally pulled it out today to work with it.  Let me say I am royally ticked at Cricut for not including better photos and instructions for these images!  There are so many layers and you have to hunt to see where they go!  
I first decided to do Lightning McQueen...the star and I did complete it but boy oh boy was it tough!  Lots of teensy pieces that don't make any sense!  The second one I did...Guido was a bit easier.

Here they are:
They are cute....I think I'm going to put them all in a book after I laminate them and use my Cinch to bind it.  I'm hoping I get it done before David is "into" something else!

My bonus is a little treat I picked up for myself at Joann's today.  Pretty much all their paper crafting stuff is 40% off and I bought a Spellbinders die that was new to my Joann's.  It is the Donna Salazar carnation...and creates 3 dimensional flowers that are so easy and fast to do.  I tried it out and used some old Marcella paper I they are:

You just stack all the flower pieces from small to large on a brad and then sort of mold the layers into a 3 dimensional flower.  Very easy and I love the look.  So many possibilities!!!


  1. Love the cars they are so cute... and the flowers are really neat too.
    I hope you have a great day.

  2. You did a wonderful job! Like everything Pixar but you are right about the directions & small pieces. Laminating the images & putting into a book is a wonderful idea. Like the Spellbinders Carnation flower.

  3. Love those cute little cars! You are right- they don't include instructions or not very good ones in these cartridges- that stupid everyday pop-ups had me frustrated for HOURS! :)Amy

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  5. HAHA! I bet he is going to enjoy looking at that book when he is older!

  6. Jeremy didn't show an early interest in cars? All my boys loved all vehicles. How wonderful that you can make car-related things for the one with 2 letters (not to be confused with the one who has 3 letters). No, wait! Two Letters has a name. YAY! =)


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