Friday, August 26, 2011

A New Toy!

My name is Susan and I am addicted to cameras...

There...I said it...although this is one addiction I am not really committed to curing or rehabbing!  I love cameras...I have since I was a little girl when my mom would occasionally let me use her little Kodak Instamatic with the flash cubes.  My dad had a nice Leica which was very cool but I was not allowed to touch it! LOL!  I do have that old camera of my dad's...he was quite the photographer and I inherited his love for photography. 

Anyway, I cannot walk past a display of cameras without stopping.  I have to pick up the cameras and feel them in my hands.  I am not into video cameras...they just don't do for me what a point and shoot or DSLR camera does!

I've been researching compact cameras as my trusty point in shoot is not being so trustworthy these days.  It's kind of finicky...some days it works just fine and then somedays it just doesn't seem to get a good connection with the battery.  So....I've been reading up on cameras and had it narrowed down to a few different ones.  I've read tons of reviews...looked online, in stores, etc...and decided on the Canon SX230.  Now I will admit that I pretty much ruled out other manufacturers. I've had Nikon in the well as a few others but I'm really a Canon girl at heart.

Here's how it came:

I opened the box and this is what was in the carton:
...a smaller box, a camera case, a 4gb memory card, some manuals, and some cables.

Here's the camera front:
And here's the back of it:
This camera is slightly bigger than the Canon 880IS I have and would have preferred the same size but this camera has a 14x zoom.  That's huge for a small point and shoot!  And it also has manual controls which are also not quite as common on point and shoots. It also has a GPS system built in so you can pinpoint where photos were taken which may be helpful when I go to Scotland and Ireland in a few months!

I'm charging the battery...will try it out and let you know what I think!  If I don't like's going back and next on my list is the Canon 4000IS.  :)  It is probably a little more similar to my old point and shoot and has gotten good reviews from Consumer Reports but I'm hoping I'll be satisfied with this one!

Happy Crafting!


  1. I wish there was a camera like that when I went to Europe in 96. It would have helped to tell me where the pics were taken...a lot of the scenery looks the same in the country sides of Ireland and Scotland! Have fun with the camera!

  2. Wow- this is fun! Have fun playing with your new toy! :)Amy

  3. Looks like a great camera to me, from someone who knows nothing about cameras that is... Can't wait to see your new pic's

  4. Susan I share your linking for cameras. I too dont like video cameras and have nearly stopped using one. Yes Canon is the best though I am happy with the Nikon I have-- Canon is on my wishlist
    Have fun with your new baby!


  5. Enjoy your new toy and have fun. Don't know much about cameras myself,


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