Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last 3 Mini Cards

Here are the last 3 cards I made during the class at Archiver's on Saturday.  I wish I were signed up for another one this Saturday!  They really are fun and well organized and as I mentioned before many of the classes give you the opportunity to try out new supplies and products before purchasing them.

Here's the first card:
We used new bottle caps (that are already flattened). We stamped a grid image in black (I believe it was a Tim Holtz stamp) and then embossed it with the little bicycle image.  We punched it out with a 1 " punch and it fit perfectly into the bottle cap.  We punched out a circle from white cardstock and a scalloped circle from red...adhered it all to the Kraft card base, stamped it with the cute sentiment and we were done! Very simple but oh-so-how-adorable-is-that-? CUTE!
Here's the next card:
Yep...you see it here...we QUILLED!!! OK, I bought tons of quilling supplies about 6 or 7 years ago when quilling for cardmaking and scrapbooking was popular.  Well, it's come back and is trendy once again.  I always enjoyed that process...there is something relaxing to me about winding skinny strips of paper into coils and making them into shapes.  This is supposed to have a sentiment on it...but I messed mine up and had to fix it...so it is sentimentless in this photo but has since been fixed.  Cute, huh?  There is a card book out for quilling which Archiver's sold for $17, I think but here at Amazon it's just $11.13 although there would be a shipping charge....

I think I may just have to order that for myself though.  I'm certain I have quilling supplies in my craft/scrapbooking/disaster room but I can't put my fingers on the stuff right now (except for the umpteen tubes of quill strips I have!  I'm glad I saved them all these years though as I'm motivated to do it again!  Isn't this a cute card, though?

And here is the last mini card we made:
I really loved this little card.  We stamped with the gear image on acetate with StazOn and waited for it to dry.  Once dry we dabbed on the other side with gold and silver paint dabbers.  You can't see it here well but it has a nice shimmery look to it.
We cut out the gear image and stapled it to the cardstock with the Tim Holtz mini attacher which if you don't have one...well, run to your nearest Michael's or Joann's and get one!  It's a great tool to have on hand!

And that is the final card...we made all 9 cards in the space of about 2 hours.  Not bad....!

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. Great mini's! I really love that gear one- very steampunk! The staples are a great touch! I've been loving your little mini cards :)Amy

  2. Especially like the bottlecap & gear cards. Daughter likes steampunk. Wonderful mini cards. Cked & the nearest Archivers is 4 hrs away near Austin. Guess I'll just enjoy yours virtually.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Great mini cards, love the bottle cap one. Great work.


  4. Susan do accept the butterfly award from my blog

  5. Oh my gosh! These are all terrific creations. Love the fresh designs and wonderful techniques.

  6. Hi Susan I love these cards, the quilling one is my favorite I've always wanted to do it....
    Have a great day.

  7. I've run out of adjectives for your cute mini cards, but let me say how refreshing it is when you use the subjunctive verb ("I wish I were signed up . . ..") vs. what people usually say -- "I wish I was . . .." My inner English teacher thanks you.

  8. These are all awesome! I need to try quilling, looks like so much fun!

  9. Love that first card, very cool. Quilling, brings back memories LOL! I did ditch all my supplies awhile ago though.


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