Monday, January 23, 2012

And I Didn't Burn the Carpet!

So today's little Show and Tell is a little gift enclosure card that I embossed on  Paper Trey Ink's Royal Velvet with a new set that was released in November titled Stitches and Swirls.  I used Zing white embossing powder and then tied a little white cotton crochet yarn around it.

There are two reasons I am showing this....
1.  The embossing is practically perfect.  No extra flakes...the stitches are defined.  Sometimes I don't know my own strength when I stamp and sometimes I press too hard and get a goofy looking image.  I was really happy with the way this embossing turned out and I think the white on the Royal Velvet cardstock is so striking.
2.  The second reason I'm sharing this simple little card with nothing extraordinary about it is that I DID NOT BURN THE CARPET!

I have some notoriety in scrapbooking circles locally as "The One Who Burns Carpet" or "Crispy Chick"!  Once I was at a crop at a friend's clubhouse where they had just laid NEW carpet due to flooding.  Well, I was happily embossing some Christmas cards on the floor because there was no table space and imagine my horror (!) when I picked up the cards and had a lovely burned stenciled outline around where the cards had lain!  Ooops!  In my defense the carpet that had been laid was this really cheap plastic stuff...almost like astroturf and the plastic just MELTED!  LOL!!!  Only cost me $50 to repair, though, so that wasn't too bad.  LOL!  The carpet had only been down about a week.  I do have that picture somewhere, I'm sure!

And then once to further cement my status as "Crispy Chick" I was drying my hair at a scrapbooking retreat house and was sitting on the floor.  I would dry a section and then lay the hair dryer down, dry a section, lay it down.  There were about 25 women (slight exaggeration) sharing a bath and a half (not much of an exaggeration!) and the only place to dry hair was in the bedroom...there was a full length mirror but it was on the floor so to see yourself in it you had to sit down.  When I was done I noticed a few dark spots on the carpet.  Yep....burned again!!!

So, the heat embossing gun or anything that blows heat is not always my friend.  But it sure made for an entertaining story!...which gets retold at EVERY cropping thing I ever go to....and even gets talked about when I'm NOT present! LOL!!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Susan you make it sound so funny!!

  2. Beautiful card!! And I had to chuckle at the title of the post. :)

  3. Just one of the many reasons you're my friend--you burn stuff. =)

  4. The stitching embossing is wonderful. Enjoyed the burn stories and know you've shared one of the stories with me. You could enter this in a challenge I'm entered in at 2 Sisters Challenge blog Ch#75 Embossing. Ans we are like 2 Sisters in a good way just do not tell my sisters in FL.

  5. What a funny story...and what a great job you did on embossing this card!!! It is perfect! Sometimes mishaps happen when you are crafting....oh well!! :)Amy

  6. You are too funny! Love the embossing card, but I'm not real great at doing it.

  7. Such a funny story! But your card is just beautiful! Thanks for joining us at 2 Sister's!!

  8. Funny! Your card is simple yet the work turned out really elegant.

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