Friday, January 13, 2012

Taming the Beast???

I wrote about my phobia with my sewing machine.  I'd rather bungee jump than use my machine and I also don't like heights! (Ok that may be a stretch but you get the idea!)  I truly am deathly afraid of spiders...I can handle a snake but a spider reduces me to screaming mush (does mush scream?)!  My fear of sewing machines is not far behind.  I mean, I don't get a visceral reaction to my sewing machine like I do when I see an eight legged creepy crawly thing (*shudder*) but it's not far behind.
But what do you do when you fall off a get back I decided to do yet another card with some machine stitching.
Can you see the zig-zag stitching?  No?  Well, here's a better view...
Are you impressed?  Huh? Huh? Huh?

I think there is some irony that this is also a sympathy card...

Anyway, I used DCWV papers, the Mat Stack 3 from Paper Trey Ink, a little sentiment I had from another set called Woodlawn (that I bought at a craft show once and have never seen again), some ribbon from Hobby Lobby, the blue/green paper is from Paper Trey Ink and the butterfly stamp is from Unity Stamps Bevy of Butterflies (a great set for the butterfly lover). I also used a little glitter ink on the butterfly.

And that was it...a nice elegant and classic card WITH STITCHING!!! 

Next it again on a scrapbook page!  I did it years ago but I'm loving the look and want to try that, too!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Wonderful zig zag stitching. I like the apaper you used and the Butterfly but you already knew I like Butterflies. Maybe I'll give my sewing machine a try again also.

  2. What an elegant card!

    (Susan, I hope you sleep with your mouth closed.)

  3. You did tame the beast!!!! You did an awesome zig zag stitch- great job! See you CAN sew! Great card! :)Amy

  4. Great job on the stitching! Even if you don't *like* using sewing machines, you definitely create some nice accents with it! ;)


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