Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finished! Termine'! Fertig! Acabado! 完成した! เสร็จ!

 I am finally finished with my room!  It is is is weeded out...there has been major is organized....I know what I have...

Makes me almost want to go in and create!  But now I'm afraid because I don't want to mess it up! LOL!!!

So now I will give you the full tour of my "studio"...lots of pictures here so bear with me.

I don't know why I feel the need to put studio in quotes.  I is a studio according to Webster's which states a studio is  "A room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc., works." I am an "etc." and I work in my room so maybe it is a studio after all.  It just sounds so much hoity toitier than just plain old "crafting room".

Anyway...doesn't  matter what you call it...I am lucky to have a nice big room.  This is also a problem because it just means you have more space to junk it up. Which I did a great job doing!  But now that I have pretty much been through every nook and cranny I am once again aware of the things I have.

That's a good thing...know what you have.

Our tour begins as you walk into my room.  This is what I see when I enter:
My work area is over to the far right where you can see my ink pads.
Below is from the same spot...just face on to the wall across the room.  You can see my heater on the floor.  It gets way too cold for me in my room.  I have to heat it even when the temps are in the 90s outside.  Otherwise I will get frostbite.  I love my has a timer on it so it goes off automatically and it is totally safe.  (I hope.)

I have very little wall space in my room....there are 3 doors and a big window so not much room for hanging things.  Well, we hung a bunch of shelves but every inch of wall space is just about taken except for this little while where  I have YET MORE RIBBON!  I have one of those Clip it Up ribbon holders which holds my spooled ribbon and then below it is the side to a baby bed that I have cut pieces of ribbon on.  It looks way more impressive in real life than it does in this photo.  I promise you.  A story....many years ago my friend Holly and I decided to buy all the grosgrain ribbon that Stampin' Up had...cut it into pieces, bag it up and resell it for profit.  We made $1, I think.  LOL....and we both ended up with a boat load of grosgrain ribbon! LOL!!!  So I've taken all mine apart and hung it over the slats of the baby bed.  Ingenious...huh?

I use an old microwave cart (I love repurposing!) as my embossing station.  I have my Big Shot set up on it.   Works well for me....  On the shelves below are my Becky Higgins Project Life kits.

In one of the drawers in my cube to the left I keep my embossing folders.  They are all in their own little file area and make it easy for me to locate the one I want to use.
Below that is a drawer with most of my Spellbinder dies.  I need a better way to organize these.  I've tried CD holders and leaving them in their packaging.  I need to still work on this.  I just want a way to put them in this drawer so I can find them! Any ideas?  I guess I could cut magnet sheets to fit the drawer and put tabs on them.  Hmmmm....maybe I will try that....

I have two 4 foot tables pushed together for my sewing machine, my Silhouette and my laptop.  I kind of have a u-shaped work area with a swivel chair so I can easily get behind me to my Silhouette.

Hurricane Debbie who helped me reorganize my room had this great idea to put all my paper kits or coordinating papers in either page protectors or Zip Loc bags.  They had been in all kinds of locations in my room and I had no idea what all I had!  Now I can just look through these easily and quickly and pull out what I want to use!  THANKS, DEBBIE!!!

 See?  Isn't that Close to My Heart paper pretty?  Forgot I had it.  Don't even remember buying it!  LOL!

That blue basket bin sits right next to my paper stacks which I shared yesterday.  On top of the paper stacks are a couple of plastic containers with some new things I still want to use...some stamps, dies, kits, etc.

Under the table with my laptop and Silhouette I have a rack shelving unit with some containers with pens, Stickles, paints, etc.  My label maker definitely got a work out today!

This is what I see when I face forward at my table:

This is what I see when I look to the right:

And this is what I see when I look to the left:

And this is what I see if I swivel my chair to get to my laptop and Silhouette:

I bought these many years ago at Target....It's just those little drawer units you get in the tool section.  It has always worked well for holds Qtips, pins, Fray Check, needles, my embossing buddy, extra trimmer blades, etc.

And lastly....this little guy keeps me company (the photo got a bit of glare on it...but you get the idea... :)).

I really can't wait to do some creating in here again....but I just didn't have the energy to mess it up today.  I think maybe tomorrow....

Ack! I just realized I didn't show you where I keep my embossing powders and distress inks!  Maybe tomorrow. ;)

Happy Crafting to you!


  1. Oh my, Oh my. I do believe you have more in here than our Michael's store has. When are you having a sale? It sure looks nice.

  2. I would be afraid to do anything in the room for fear of messing it up. I am soooo jealous, wish my sewing room looked that good. I have that same microwave table!!!

  3. Wow! Wow! wow!!
    Love all those pictures! Thanks for sharing this with us! Love your organizing! It looks great!!
    Can't wait to see what you're gonna create!! Have fun!! :)

  4. I LOVE that microwave cart you have! That's awesome.

    Responding to your comment on my blog - mine did not start out pretty and took about, oh...8 years to get it to where it is now. One day I decided I wanted matching furniture (after a mish mash of various book cases) so I went to Ikea, spent a few hundred and got the Expedit shelves and the four tables. But that was a big step. Everything else was collected over time. And it's STILL not "ideal." I have lots of pretty ideas pinned on pinterest for my future attic space. And it will all coordinate, that's for sure!

    Great room!


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