Friday, April 12, 2013

Where in the World.... Susan?

...hidden under an avalanche of scrapbooking and cardmaking items in her craft "studio"! Please send in the National Guard.  She needs to be rescued! ;)

Here is an in process photo....I  have just been piling up stuff on my work surfaces so don't think I work in ALL this mess.  I do get messy but I'm not this bad!  LOL!

Scary, huh?
Why is it when we get the urge to organize that we end up making an even bigger mess than when we started out???  This has been a several day affair already....and I am ready to go immerse myself again.  I'm hoping to get everything out today that I'm getting rid of....and then my friend Debbie is coming over tomorrow to help me organize and get my work flow right!  Yay, Debbie!

I will take pictures when it is all cleaned up and neat again!

Hopefully I'll see you all in a few days...I'm missing my crafting!


  1. All the best Susan..I go bonkers when I try to tidy up and end up snapping at everybody!!

  2. wow susan... i had a similar looking desk a few weeks ago.. it's very therapeutic to sort it all out, organise and declutter!

    Jen xx

  3. Wow! You've got some work ahead of you, girl! I'm still trying to figure out what in the world to do with supplies I no longer want.


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