Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Survived!

I have finally recovered from the wedding hoopla!  We had such a wonderful time and the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding went off without a hitch.  It was an absolutely gorgeous event....certainly one of my most memorable weekends ever....watching your child get married should be one of the happiest times of your life...and for me it has been!  I have both of my kids married now and I would say that watching them commit to the loves of their lives ranks up there with giving birth to them.  *sniff*

Some of you follow me on Facebook so have probably seen these photos but I wanted to share them here, as well. 

We had absolutely fabulous weather....warm and sunny with a beautiful sky.  We also had a gorgeous sunset.
It was just so pretty....
My rehearsal dinner was wonderful.  The venue we used, Brumby Hall, was built pre-Civil War (1851) and was spared during Sherman's March to the Sea (a military school built on the site was burned to the ground).  It is such a pretty house with beautiful gardens behind it.
There were dogwoods and azaleas in lovely.
I made the table decorations...dollar frames from Dollar Tree glued together to make a planter (thank you, Pinterest!)...I put photos of the couple in them and made one for each table.  I purchased a bunch of spring bouquets from Costco on Friday morning and we broke up the bouquets and trimmed them to fit.  The effect was stunning...the photos don't do it justice.  We put burlap table runners on under 10 inch mirrors as our meal theme was a backyard cookout (steaks, grilled chicken, etc.).
It just all smelled so fresh when you walked in the room where our meal was.
The facility then came in and set place settings at each place so they tables were quite dressed up when the guests arrived.  Did I get a photo of that?  uh, no....
My good friend, Kelly, made a cake for looked like a scrapbook.  And all was edible.
It looked like an open scrapbook.  Again, the photos don't do it justice but it was the coolest thing ever!!!
I gave Koozies as a favor which I think I already shared here once:
That is me on the left with the bride's mother, Cindy.  She did an awesome job on the wedding...and after the rehearsal was over I was glad to hand the reins to her and let her get that wedding off!
Taylor and David were the flower girl and a ringbearer and they looked so darned cute!
 The other little ring bear is the bride's cousin, Ryan.

 Taylor rode in a  wagon that said "Here comes the bride"....after the ceremony the sign was flipped to say "And they lived happily ever after!"
Even our little Wade got dressed up for the occasion:

The bridesmaids all wore different colored dresses and looked lovely:
My daughter, Amanda, is in the ice blue dress on the far left.  The ladies all looked so pretty!
Of course the professional photographer will have much better photos than these candids that were taken by family and friends.
I only cried a little....
OK...that will be enough photos for today....but check out this cake!

It was fabulous!!! 

Well, that is it for today, my friends!

I hope you enjoyed sharing this with me! :)

Happy Crafting!


  1. WOWZERS!!!! GORGEOS photos, Susan!! Everything looks so beautiful and well organized!!
    Congrats!!! It looks like you had looots of fun!! (lots of photos to scrapbook later on) :)

  2. Wonderful photo memories. Lovely rehearsal dinner decor. Glad the weather was so perfect. Stunning sunset.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. OMW, first of all, thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know that these were up!! I have missed you SO much, my friend!!!! I am SO happy that you are joyous to see your son get married!!! The smiles say it all!!! I am in love with the centerpieces you made--you're a genius!!!! It looked so lovely and chic!!! And OMW, that cake!!!!!! How freakin' creative and awesome!!!!!!! Man, I want YOU to be my wedding decorator/helper!!! heheh (: Everything looks so beautiful and lovely!!!! Oh, how I love weddings.... [sigh] I can't believe that day finally arrived and how beautiful it looked!!!!

    We will need to catch up some more soon!!! What have you been up to besides the wedding, now that it's behind? I can't wait to hear more from you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to both your son and his new bride!!!!! Hugs & kisses for you, doll!!!! XOXOXOXO

  4. That cake is out of this world, too!!!! My word... just a beautiful wedding in every sense of the word!!!!! :D

  5. Congratulations to the wonderful couple-the pictures are gorgeous! I love the cakes-they are both phenomenal and the setting looks so beautiful. Kick your feet up girl!


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