Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Today is my darling granddaughter's 3rd birthday.  I remember Taylor's birth as if it were yesterday.  My daughter called me in the morning to tell me she thought she might be in early labor.  Well, I had a tennis match and figured I had plenty of time before this little girl would make her way into the world.  I played my match...checking my phone constantly to see if there were updates.  And of course that particular match was very long....I believe we played two tiebreakers.  It was hot and I got a terrible dehydration headache...but I made it to my daughter's house to get my grandson and my son and daughter sped off to the hospital and that little girl was born soon after!  Oh...and we won the tennis match, too!

Here is a photo of her taken at her Chuck E. Cheese birthday party on we had for her the other day:
OK, so you think...why did Susan post a picture of her when she obviously closed her eyes?  Well, that's the look we get when we say "Taylor, smile!".  LOL!!!
Here is one taken the day of the wedding recently....I love this photo of her.

She is a very sweet, loving, and silly little girl.  Happy 3rd Birthday, Taylor.

For the occasion I made this simple flat card:

I had wanted to play with a watercolor background and did this with lots of water and several Distress inks.  I just smooshed the pads on an acrylic block and then lifted the color with a wet broad paintbrush.  Just swooshed the color on...misted the paper a bit more to get the colors to blend a bit and that was it.  Oh yes...and the new thing (for me) was to use some liquid frisket which I dripped on the paper.  You let it dry and then it creates a mask.  So that's how I got those cool white dots of drip!  The one thing I learned is that the frisket smells like teetee as my grand-kids would say.   Lots of ammonia in it!  P.U.!!!
It was fun, though and I'll use it again! :)
I stamped the number and sentiment with Paper Smooches stamps and Versafine ink and heat embossed them with clear embossing powder.
That's it for to celebrate with a very special little girl!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Susan loved reading the story of how Taylor was born-- she looks like a darling!!

  2. Like the colors, white dots, strip of sparkle paper with white yard tied over it. Happy 3rd Birthday Taylor!
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. I love that photo of Taylor! It's a cute and typical 3-year-old face, and that will be fun to remember. (I'm assuming she'll have a different smile when she's older. Ü) Her hair is getting so long. She's really growing fast now and such a cutie!!

  4. Love the post, and that adorable SMILE photo, LOL. Loved the wedding photo of her.


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