Monday, June 30, 2014

A Booboo and More...

I spent the last four days with some wonderful friends scrapbooking and paper crafting.  It was great to get away for a few days and devote some uninterrupted time to crafting.  Our accommodations were great and I had an entire 8 foot table to myself.  Did I get a lot done?  Heck no!  But I still had fun.

I did work on my grandson's album and jokingly told everyone I got 20 plus pages done on it and was already up to October 5, 2013.  Well, he was born on October 4!  LOL! Yep...over 20 pages and I hadn't even finished his first 24 hours! HAHA!

But it was fun...and one day I will get to October 6, 2014.  ;)

I also made a MESS of cards.  In the south we say "mess of" to indicate a bunch of.  A mess of cards.  A mess of turnip greens.  A mess of biscuits.  Got it?

Here is one card I made:
 I made it with elements from the Simon Says Stamp June Card Kit which you can see here:

I really loved the stamp set included....the stamp sets are usually filled with images and are often so very versatile.  I love that.  Money well spent, I believe.

I also love the Studio Calico wooden elements and the My Mind's Eye papers that were included.  And the glittery enamel dots were just perfect to put on the flower centers which you can see here:

I also made this card with elements from the same kit.
I cut out the circle with some Quikcraft dies I had and made the little green frame.  I stamped Love is everything and the border around it with stamps from the same stamp set as the card above.

So...what's the booboo?  Well, after I made this card and had it all finished I realized that my background paper was upside down!  HAHA!....although if you look at the bottom right corner it does look like the blue flower in the bottom is growing in the right manner!  OK, so now I will just pretend that those daisies and rosebuds were cut and are hanging upside down and drying.  And I KNOW the person I send this to will not care one bit and probably won't even notice!

My card blooper...


Well, that's it for today...Happy Crafting and Keep Creating!


  1. Especially like the enamel dots in the center of the flowers on 1st card. I've made more boo boos than I can count. My last one was when I made the Tim Holtz Compass card. I had the compass upside down; go figure that i would mess up a direction type card.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. Fun cards, Susan!!
    You always rock those card kits!!
    And ... that last card isn't booboo!! I love it!! It's like you said: those flowers can be hanging and drying!!

  3. Ha ha! Ken and I wallpapered our daughter's bedroom upside down many, many years ago. And it took us years to notice that we did that!! Great cards, Susan!

  4. Love that you scrapped 20 pages for one whole day! LOL
    As to the upside down card.... just send it to someone in Australia... That should work!

  5. These are so pretty! Love the wood veneers on the first one. And I never would have noticed the blooper on the 2nd - so many times the papers have flowers going every which way. So pretty! :-)


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