Thursday, July 3, 2014


I love tennis!  I am a recreational and league player...I have been playing competitive tennis for 22 years.  I have spent thousands of dollars on racquets, shoes, clothes and lessons.  Am I getting any better?  Heck no!  I think I'm getting worse!  LOL!!!  But I love the sport so much I keep plugging away.  Right now during the summer I am on 2 tennis teams and actually have a match tonight.  Win or lose there will be another match just around the corner.
Here is a picture of my tennis team.  I love these ladies!

I am amazed by professional tennis.  Such a different sport.  For one thing the athletes playing singles are out there by themselves.  No coaching (in most situations) during a professional match (although they have introduced coaching between sets during some of the women's tournaments).  But mostly the player is out there alone and has to figure everything out themselves.  I play doubles now so I always have a partner out there who tells me "Move, Susan!", "Pick up your feet, Susan!", "Focus, Susan", "Stop sticking your butt out, Susan!".  LOL!  Not really...we are all pretty supportive of each other and know that we are all trying our best.  Some days ya gots it and some days ya just don't.  Let's hope today I do! Wimbledon.  My favorite player on the men's side..Rafael Nadal of Spain is out.

Rafael Nadal Loses Halle Opener to German Wild Card

He just won the French Open and so maybe was out of gas a bit.  I'm sad.... The defending champion, Andy Murray is out, too.  But two champions... Federer and Djokovich are still in.  So we will see if one makes it to being the one to hold the trophy.  The woman's side has become interesting.  The great American, Serena Williams is out, but our neighbor Eugenie Bouchard from Canada is playing her semifinal match now and has a very good chance to win the tournament.  We will see.....The women's final is Friday.

OK, you can tell I love it and follow it.  Don't ask me to discuss much of anything about the World Cup.  I try to like soccer but it just doesn't happen.  LOL!

OK, enough of tennis (for now!).

My other love is paper crafting, of course and here is a card I made recently with elements from a Simon Says Stamp kit I had on hand.   I stamped with Simon Says Stamp and Hero Arts ink.  The yellow flower is actually a leaf stamp that I stamped several times and then cut out to make the flower.  And yes, it was NOT my idea...I stole it.  LOL!

Plain and simple...and mostly flat except for the enamel dot on the yellow flower.  I also used my Wink of Stella clear pen to go over the flowers to give it a little extra sheen.

That's it for today....Bouchard and Halep are still in the first set and even at 4-all.

Happy Crafting, Keep Creating and yay, TENNIS!


  1. Susan...I am in awe!! I am no sport woman and can only marvel at your spirit!!
    Dr Sonia

  2. Love what you did with your card Susan. It looks so simple but beautiful.
    I also love tennis, used to play, but not any more. I am rooting for Federer, Djokovich is also out. We also like the soccer and supporting the Dutch team (with hubby sitting in his orange shirt watching). Enjoy the finals this weekend. Hugs, Ursula

  3. Like the artsy look of the flowers on your card. Not much into tennis. I did watch some of the recent soccer matches. Do not watch much sports like I use to. I do not play any sports and wish you the best in your game.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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