Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project Life, 2014: Week 17 Wedding

Week 17 was a huge week for us as it included April 26 which was the day my son got married to his wonderful and beautiful fiance', D'Ann.
I decided to do an extra two page layout with some of the fabulous photos of the wedding.  This is just a snippet of the day...I plan to do a regular wedding album at some point, too.

But this two page layout will go in my Project Life book for 2014.

Here is the layout:

For the Project Life Pros out there this probably looks like a different template.  Well, it is.  It came with the Just Jaimee Storyteller kit for April.  And yes, the cards and elements are from that kit, as well.  The templates actually came with a white background but I wanted them to be consistent with the gray that is on the Becky Higgins templates so I just changed it out.  Yay for digital.

Here is a closer look at the left side:
And here is a look at the right:

Besides putting the date in and what the event was I left off other journaling.  I journaled so much last week it wore me out.  Just kidding...but I just didn't want a lot of writing to distract or detract from the photos.  

So that is that.  

I'm happy with the way it turned out...

And a happy crafting day to you all!


  1. Gorgeous wedding pages and I love that you focused on the pictures and no journaling. Going to have to check out that link as I can use all the organizing I can get these days when it comes to PL.

  2. I agree the wedding needed its own pages! I never would have recognized this as Just Jaimee's kit, and I used the kit. =) Perfect pages, Susan!


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