Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lists! Lists! Lists!

We all have our ways of keeping up with our ever growing supplies. It wasn't difficult when my papercrafting supplies all fit into a small box but now...?  Well, let's just say there have been too many times I've bought something I already had! My friend, Cyndi, and I are always giving things to each other that we've bought only to realize we already had!

I have previously mentioned how I use Evernote to keep up with some of my supplies...obviously I don't keep lists of paper or "consumables"...but inks, dies, stamp sets...well, I'd prefer not to buy those again and again!  I thought I had blogged here somewhere how I had mine set up but I cannot find a post so I probably did not! I did see where some bloggers were using Evernote so if you're interested you can Google it.  I believe I had read this post first...which got me interested.  You can see it HERE.

I won't go into my whole set up on Evernote but here is a screenshot from my phone of my Stamps Notebook. I can search by manufacturer and also by tagged words such as "thank you", "happy birthday", etc. It does take a while to set up but is very helpful once you get started.

If you click on an individual stamp set you would see something like this:

 I also have a notebook for dies:
I have Evernote set up and linked on my laptop too which makes the entry of new items very easy.  And then it all syncs up nicely.

Like I said...it is time consuming at first...but now when I add to my collection I just include the new item and it's easy peasy and pretty fast.

Anyway...yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the Michaels Buy One get One Half Off on their Copic pens.  I have the Copic color charts and lists but dang...I still occasionally buy one I already have.  So, I was looking in the app store (I have an iPhone) for a Copic app and sure enough or as we say in the south "Sho'nuff!" there was one.  After downloading it I was able to easily input the markers I have.
Here are a few screenshots of the app:

Since I collect Sketch pens I have that checked so that I don't pull up the other pen types.
After you click "Done" above it will take you to this screen which shows all of the color families:

You can see the total number of pens in that color family (far right) and how many pens you own.  As you can see I like Blue and have 11 blue pens.
Then if you touch one of the color families it will take you to this:
You simply tap on the color you have and it pops up and gets "colorized".
Or you can click on "Stock" and it shows only those you have like here:
Slick, huh?

And lastly if you click on Browse you can look at the colors...although I'm not sure how true the colors are.
I'll have to check that out...

There is also a store locator to find Copics.

This app is free for iPhone users...just go to your app store and search for Copic if you're interested.
For those with Droids there is good news as the app is available for you, too HERE.

And the good news?  Yesterday I only bought one Copic I already had! Cyndi...do you need B00? ;)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. What a great post about remembering what you have, Susan! Before I went digital, I carried a little notebook in my purse. It had lists of everything. I'd write down what I bought while the cashier was ringing it up. I don't miss that notebook. The Coptic app is super cool! If I had even one Coptic pen, I would have to have the app. =)


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