Monday, February 23, 2015

Project Life, 2015

So the first thing you ask is "Susan, have you finished Project Life for 2014 yet?"  Well, of course is a work in progress! But 2015 has begun and I'm already behind so thought I'd whip up a layout or two in no time spend hours and hours trying to figure out how I'm going to do Project Life for 2015.

I don't know anyone who has completed Project Life 2014 except for Lynn of Horizon View. Way to go, Lynn!

I tend to complicate things.  The easier way would be to continue Project Life for 2015 in the same manner I did 2014.  But no...I want different.  I get bored with the same look so have thought about trying to change some things up.

My biggest decision (and this just sounds so silly!) was whether to continue with rounded corners or try to find some squared corner templates.  After much searching I couldn't find the type of template I wanted so decided to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, and make my own.  One thing that has bugged me about the digital versions of the 12 x 12 layouts is that because they ARE 12 by 12 the slots are not sized for the cards that are digitally created for PL.  My wise friend, Donna, of 365 Days of Donna said that's probably because many people print out the cards to do a physical (as opposed to digital) PL.  Well, I get tired of resizing everything so I had the brilliant idea to make a slightly larger template with true 4x6 slots for the bigger cards and just slightly less than 3x4 slots for the smaller cards.  It isn't perfect but I think I can live with it and it seems easier for me.  And by doing squared corners I don't lose edges. 
For example...look at this card from Just Jaimee:
It has squared corners.  If you corner round you end up with something like this:
The OCD in my is bugged by that.  I'm hopeless....
So, I think for 2015 I will do squared corners and give it a try.  I did complete one layout last night and this is what I came up with using Traci Reed's January kit.
I have toyed with the idea of placing paper behind my slots and have a few versions like the one below saved out:

The other change I am making for 2015 is not to do week by week layouts.  I will focus on months instead.  I found in 2014 some weeks I had a ton of pictures...and some weeks I had few.  So by not going week to week I will have a little more flexibility, I think.

But I'm still not sure...


But, at least I started!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Yay, Susan! Way to go!! What you said about the card from Just Jaimee bugs the stew out of me, too, even though with Photoshop I can totally manipulate the card. So I would reduce the card until it all shows on the template mask. That would leave some of the mask showing, so then I'd use the color picker tool to get just the right aqua color, and then I'd recolor the mask that color so you couldn't tell where the card stopped and the mask started. (That might not make sense.) Anyway, being perpetually behind, I do NOT need to add steps to the placing of a silly card onto a template. Square corners to the rescue!

  2. OMG, you mentioned my blog on your blog! I'm so flattered. Your pages really are awesome, Susan. I do like the patterned paper behind. Just when I thought I might not do that. May I ask what font you are using? I need to be more consistent about that. I sometime write LOTS of text and tend to use Arial Narrow to get lots of words in there. It has its pros and cons. Anyway ... simply delightful start to 2015. Keep it going!


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