Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Project Life, 2015: Layout 2/Use IT!

I've been getting photos and digital files organized to try to streamline my layout completing process.  8 hours later I have completed another 2 page layout! LOL!!!

I was very lucky to win a subscription to Just Jaimee's online store at the LilyPad.  I love her kits...her style just appeals to me so much! The kit I used for this layout, "Hunter" has such bright cheerful reflective of my own personality.  LOL!!! I wish...  You can see the kit HERE.

Anyway, included in her kits are pocket page templates.  And guess what??? They include SQUARED corners. I almost swooned when I saw that. And, I great is that....I need to USE THESE! I'll just plop a few photos in and have these layouts done in NO time.  Of course that is NOT the reason...Jaimee's templates are fabulous but they are FULL of layers which I naturally had to play with! I had the best time! And am pretty happy with my results!

Here is the 2 page spread:

These layouts sure make my daughter's and my piddly iPhone photos look so great!

Here is the left side for closer inspection:
And here is a closer look at the right side:

And I am done!

Wahooo...Woot! Woot!  (Donna, I'm going to catch up with you!....not!)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Wonderful layouts. The hair cut photos remind me of my daughter's first hair cut. She liked the kiddie hair salon since they got to watch videos while having hair cut.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. LOL on the catching up part! Would you tell me how I started 2015 ON TIME but have been slightly behind for the whole year?? When I was scrolling through my blog reader and saw these pages, I did a double-take. For second I thought they were mine. =) I have that kit, and Wade with his protruding blond hair could have been Peter or Evie. (I'm scrapping such a photo of Evie right now!) But on closer look I realized those people are in your family, and you're the one with the lovely square-cornered pockets. I love all the haircut photos (especially Wade's first cut), because these are the details of everyday life.

    1. Heheheheh....I just realized that since I'm really not doing week by week layouts I could post one of this past week or so and say I'm caught up! LOL! My two weeks do seem to pretty much cover two calendar weeks ( first layout was actually Jan 1-8 or 9 I think....this layout included photos for about a calendar week). It has been a bit freeing to not think in terms of 1-52 weeks for me, though. I do imagine when I get caught up (if I ever do) will be doing more week to week layouts. Maybe....or maybe not. LOL! Who knows...but at least I have 4 pages under my 2015 belt!


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