Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Tip for Your Cricut!

Thanks to Christina from Creations With Christina (one of my favorite blog sites....amazing videos...amazing ideas...she's just so darned creative) for this wonderful "I DID NOT KNOW THAT!" tip when using your Cricut and Gypsy:

Well, when I use my Gyspy for a cut I always juggle the Gypsy in one hand, and try to load the mat with the other. Do you do that, too?  And what often happens is that the mat loads all KERWONKY and you have to start over again!  So, what's the tip you ask???  Insert ANY cartridge into your Cricut and even with the Gypsy cable attached you can load from your keypad on your Cricut.  That removes the need for a balancing act with your Gypsy and mat.  (We have always said moms need more hands but it just hasn't happened yet...we're stuck with just two, aren't we?)  So give it a try....just keep a cartridge, any cartridge in your Cricut and you can load your mat from your keypad! Easy Peasy! And, if you are into paper crafting, don't forget to check Christina's blog out...it's one of my favorites and you'll love it, too!

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  1. Good idea Susan. Love your blog.


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