Monday, July 18, 2011

Cricut Challenge 14: Flower Shoppe/Bloggers Challenge

Continuing on with my personal Cricut Challenge of using all my cartridges....  Again, I'm jumping out of order here but I recently ordered the brand new, hot off the press FLOWER SHOPPE which I was just itching to get my hands on.  Anyone who knows my crafting tendencies right now knows how much I love these three dimensional flowers that are quite popular in all kinds of crafting now.  So, I was happy when Cricut jumped on the wagon and designed this cartridge.

I think I will need to play around with it a bit more. One of the first flowers I attempted would be great on gift bags or gift wrap or frames, etc because it was quite thick and very would not have worked well on a card that needed to be mailed. that I look at this card and I look at the bottom right it looks like there is a SHRIMP there.  Does it look like a shrimp to you?  What the heck!!!  This is from the K&Co Que Sera Sera paper stack....It's all abstract floral designs with really pretty colors but now I see a shrimp!  Oh well.... :) 

The only other items I used on this card were a couple of small pearls that I placed in the center. 

I am also entering this in the Bloggers Challenge which provided this sketch for the week:
I don't know about you but I am always losing things in my craft room...I spend some of my time relocating things I've set down and can't remember where I put them.  But I do have a tip for you Gypsy users.  I put my stylus on a long lanyard and wear it around my neck...that way I am free to use it but I don't lay it down somewhere and forget where I put it!  Of course, last night I wore it upstairs and realized it as I was getting ready for bed and took it off and left it in my bathroom.  So, again...this afternoon when I went to my "playroom" I said "YIKES, WHERE IS MY STYLUS?!"...and then I remembered it was in my bathroom so I had to trudge up the stairs to get it.  But I like thinking I figured I burned another 10 or so calories retrieving it!  
I keep thinking I should get a pretty lanyard but for now this is what mine looks like:

Functional, functional, FUN!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Good Morning Susan,
    LOL a shimp, no I dont see a shrimp I see a beautiful flower on a beautiful card.... Love it... Have a great day, and thanks for the tip.

  2. Good morning Susan
    Love your flower, I want that cart my wish list keeps growing. Good idea for your stylist.
    Happy Monday

  3. shrimp huh? making me hungry. Don't you love that 3D flower, I just made a card the other night with these, they are not easy to mail but a padded envie usually works. Your card if fab, love the cut on the bottom of it.

  4. Quiero la mirada Occidental de este camaron bonito de tarjeta de flor o ningun camaron. You indicated the paper was Que sera sera paper so I could resist using my Spanish and translated I've commented: I like teh Western look of this pretty card shrimp or no shrimp.

  5. Beautiful card! My daughter-in-law asked me recently if I have a Cricut,which I do not. My birthday is coming up so I am hoping maybe my family will go together to get me one! If not, it is something to strive for. I am gathering you love yours!!!

  6. Beautiful mix of papers, wonderful take on the sketch! Thanks for playing along with the Bloggers Challenge.

  7. Lovely card with that beauitful flower. I'm thinking that's petals to a flower and not a shrimp but hey, I like shrimp so either way is fine by me!

  8. Great card I still haven't even loaded my new cartridge, but I like what I'm seeing. (P.S. - I see the shrimp - how cute! :)


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