Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tennis, Anyone?

Now, I know you may have come here to see some fantastic new paper creation from me (just kidding about the "fantastic"...but it is a very nice adjective, isn't it?)...but if you did you may be in for a little disappointment.  That is unless you are a tennis buff!  As I say in my profile...I play league tennis and love, love, love the sport.  I play on 2 teams right now but our season ends tomorrow.  The good think is that there is always another season just around the corner.

Atlanta is hosting the Atlanta Tennis Championships which is one of the warm up tournaments to the US Open and is part of its series.  We don't have the top-top men here but there are some very good players including the #1 US man, Mardy Fish, who has really done well lately.

Some of my good friends and tennis teammates went to the championship today. IT WAS HOT!!! We were all sweltering...I can't imagine what it must feel like to these men playing such high level singles in this heat!  Wowza!

We did see Robby Ginepri shown here:

Robby is a local boy...from the Atlanta area and was our hope a few years back.  He made it as high as 15 in the rankings but  has dropped to the 150s now.  Sad...he did have a lot of potential.  He was known for a while as being the boyfriend of Minnie Driver.  I am a wealth of tennis knowledge! :)

Robby lost big surprise...but he did have a good match.

The evening match pitted two American favorites together...the veteran James Blake who is well over 30!...and John Isner...the 6'9" giant who has the record for playing the longest match in history which was at Wimbledon last year...beating Mahut in over 11 hours!  

Wow....  John Isner went to the University of Georgia and helped that school win a national championship so he was definitely a local favorite tonight although lots of people were rooting for James Blake.

Here's James Blake (such a GOOD LOOKING DUDE!):
and here is a photo of John Isner:
They sure gave us spectators a great match...Isner won it in a tiebreak in the 3rd set. paper crafting for me...but hopefully I'll get something cutesy posted soon!!!

Happy Crafting and Happy Tennis!


  1. Have a great day Susan, stay cool.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I love John Isner, we saw him play at a fundraiser...I think it was almost 2 years ago and we were about 3 rows was awesome!!! (photos on FB under album Rock'n'Racquet)


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