Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Time for Crafting Yesterday

We spent the day yesterday in Northwest Georgia visiting my kids' grandmother. It was a wonderful day for us and we enjoyed the visit very much.  A.G. and N.B.G.'s great grandmother will be celebrating her 86th birthday in another month or two.  She is a retired schoolteacher and always has such wonderful stories of her life to tell.  One of my favorite stories that she told us again yesterday (because I had forgotten details and wanted to hear it again) is the story of her wedding.  She and her sister had a double wedding.  Her sister wore a long white gown worn by two older sisters at their wedding and they took the dress to a seamstress who made an identical dress for her.  So their dresses and headpieces were the same.  There is a photo hanging in her house of the two brides and grooms on a staircase...I'll have to remember to snap a photo of it next time I go up because it is a great photo!  Here are a few photos of Jessie and her granddaughter and great grandchildren: crafting time yesterday....and now I'm waiting for A.G. to come spend an hour or two with me as his mother takes N.B.G. for her 1 month well baby check.

But I will get to the business of creating later today, I hope!  So hang in there with me!!!

One thing I wanted to share, though, is often times how I keep up with all the blogs I love to read!  When I go to bed at night I grab my iPad and open up the fabulous FLIPBOARD iPad app and go to my GoogleReader and read all of your fabulous blogs! It is so pretty to see in this format!  I love it and you all look so so pretty!  (You look pretty on my laptop, too...but I do like saying goodnight to you all by checking in with you before I go Night-Night!)

So, this is the way I see you...and this photo I took with my iPhone so it's not so great because my room was dark when I took it:

Judy, I think I see your blog there! :)

Now the other thing I wanted to share is this original photo and you can see it's a little darker:
I was reading Scrapbooks, Etc. magazine yesterday (June, 2011 issue) and there was an article on some photo editing.  I use Photoshop Elements 8.0 and am good with that program. I've looked at upgrading to Photoshop CSE but it is just so pricey and for my needs (basic photo editing) I think PSE is enough.

Anyway, I love to edit my photos a bit at times and a new tip I learned yesterday from Scrapbooks, Etc was with lightening a dark photo.  It was so easy...I've done it other ways and gotten similar results but the steps I used to take before reading this were much more involved.  Perhaps you knew this...I didn't.

1.  Open up your photo.
2.  Make a duplicate layer and stay on your duplicate layer and click on your layers palette.
3.  Click on "screen".
4.  It will lighten your photo significantly and then you can adjust the opacity to get the lightening you want.

And that's it!  Love little tips like that that make my life easier! LOL!

Well...A.G. is here and needing my attention!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Nice to read about past experiences. Imagine what the wedding was like? Having a duplicate dress made that many years ago? That is a feat in itself. Imagine how long it must have taken to replicate that dress. It's not like you could enter a UPC code to look for certain beads or lace. I would love to see a photo of the two happy couples.

    Also, great compositions on the photos you posted today. Thanks for sharing...


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  4. I remember this beautiful lady from past photos you took of her. What a blessing she must be for the whole family!

  5. These photos are so sweet and will be a real treasure. She looks wonderful! A great way to spend the day.

  6. Nice photos. Would like to see the photo of the double wedding. Neither of my sisters would have been interested in a dbl wedding not that I had a person I was considering marrying when older sister got married and then I did marry before younger sister. I like vintage photos. Thanks for the tip on lighting. Daughter has the Adobe Photoshop CS program for Teachers & Students. She needed it for her next yrs at college studying Art Animation. Forgot to mention that I have 2 talented sisters that when I got married they each sewed their own Maid of Honor & Bridesmaid dresses and the dresses were identical looking. They made lavender (my wedding color) satin sleeveless off the shoulder short length dresses for my outdoor garden wedding.


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