Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lucky Me!

I was out most of the day in this terrible oppressive heat (but I'm not really complaining because I'd much rather have the heat than the cold any day!!!) with my tennis team as today was our last match of the season (my team won the day by the way...woohooo!) but when I got home I had the most wonderful surprise!!!

I walked into my kitchen where my husband had placed a huge box on the table.  What was in the box you ask?  Well, a few weeks back I won some blog candy from Keshet Starr of  Over the Rainbow..."blog candy" doesn't even do all the stuff was more like BLOG FEAST!  There were so many goodies in the box I couldn't even take a picture of all the items at once.  There was chipboard, buttons, clips, ribbon, stamps, stickers, flowers, 2 idea books from the fabulous Northridge Publishing (I didn't have), rub-ons, and so many things I couldn't even begin to name it all...PLUS a huge stack of some beautiful paper!!!  And...a pair of child paper scissors that my cute little AG can use when I can trust him not to cut my hair! :)

Take a look....

Thanks so much, Keshet!  You were so very generous and I'll have fun playing with these new things!!!!  And check out Keshet's blog...she does giveaways often and also has some interesting things on it!


  1. Congrats! Definitely blog feast! You go girl!

  2. Holy Moly - that's a lot of loot! You are lucky!!!

  3. Lucky you! You're doing an awesome job with your blog, Susan. Woot woot!


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