Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tumbled Tile Coasters

Not my idea...not my idea!  This idea is all over Pinterest but I was actually introduced to them by my friend, Christine (crafter extraordinaire!) when she made a set of these wonderful tumbled tile coasters for our friend Cyndi whose birthday is coming up soon. (It's ok, she's already given them to her!....I'm not spoiling the surprise! :))

Basically Christine picked up a few of these 4x4 tiles at Home Depot or Lowes and then stamped on them with Stazon inks.  She then sealed each tile and put some little bumper feet on the back so they won't scratch up the furniture.

Here is Christine's version:

I thought....well, cool beans....I CAN DO THAT!  So off to Home Depot I went and found the tiles...the are about $4 for 9 of them and I picked up some felt pads for about $3.

I wiped them off well to get the extra dust off them and then stamped them.  The Stazon dries quickly...and without smearing!  Easy Peasy!

I researched them and found one blog that said if you are using the porous tiles and Stazon ink you do not need to seal.  The tiles were placed in a tub of water and scrubbed and the Stazon "stayed on"! :)

So I chose not to steal those I made.  I think these just make a really cute and inexpensive little gift.  Or maybe I'll keep a set for myself.  You can never have too many coasters, can you???

Here's my version:

I tied 4 together with a little ribbon and viola! Giftie!

I think I'll go make a few more....these could be my new POP TARTS!  (To read how coasters relate to Pop Tarts you can read the story HERE.)

Happy Crafting!

PS The stamps used here were from Close to My Heart.


  1. These are so cute!! What a great gift idea! I guess you could get some bigger tiles and hang them out on the patio (on a wall) as outdoor decorations.

  2. I like these. I saw some coasters made with cork & Mod Podge today on Ellen show.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. I love these...and what a nice gift!!

  4. Susan, what a neat idea. Love Christine's but your are just as awesome. Maybe i need to visit home depot (have not been there in so long). I love how you tied them together and made a gift out of them, so pretty. Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!


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