Saturday, November 5, 2011

PopTarts, Fruit Roll Ups, Lucky Charms and More!

I haven't been paper crafting the last few days but I have been busy!  My little hands and my little crochet hooks have not been idle at all! 
In addition to make about a zillion scarves or PopTarts (story below) I have also been working on little teensy crocheted flowers to use on my layouts and cards. cute!

OK...why do I call these scarves PopTarts?  Well, I was a full time working mom when my kids were younger, right?  And I wasn't always the most nutritionally conscious mom back then...both of my kids loved salads so we had salad a lot and I always was happy about that and thought I did my part getting green (read: nutrition)  into them! :)  But I did let them choose stuff they liked, Lucky Charms, Fruit Roll Ups, Cheetos, DingDongs and Frosted Strawberry PopTarts, for example.  And whenever I went to the store and things were on sale...I'd stock up.  I never much looked to see what we had in the sometimes things would stock pile.  It wouldn't occur to me that they had OD'ed on the particular food so I just kept buying until one of them would tell me they didn't like  fill in the blank any longer.  So, we might end up with half a dozen boxes of PopTarts!  LOL!  Probably still have them in my pantry 10 years later!  (Just joking!)

I started making these scarves and my daughter and I decided they will be like the PopTarts...she liked the one I made for her so I thought I'd make a half dozen more for her...LOL!  Like she needs a half dozen ruffled scarves!  So now...when she asks me what I'm doing...I just say "I'm making another PopTart"...and we both laugh and know exactly what's going on!

Happy Crafting...anyone up for a PopTart?


  1. Cute scarves----I'm glad that somebody else is obsessive like me- I'm not alone!!! I can't ever do anything in moderation- it's either full out or nothing haha!!! Our freezer was full of toaster strudel..... :)Amy

  2. Like the scarf & humor. I've started crocheting as Pop Tart. Thanks for the pattern info. My daughter & hubby both like Honey Nut Cheerios and I like plain Cheerios.

  3. Love the story! Been there; done that on the stocking up for nothing.


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