Friday, November 25, 2011

Expression Through Fiber

I am a craftaholic.  I've done it all...needlepoint, embroidery, cross stitch, sewing, paper crafts of all kind, painting, stained glass etc. etc. etc.  I've dabbled in knitting and also enjoy crocheting. 

I basically like my hands to be's hard for me to sit and watch tv and not be doing something else!

So, I've been using up some yarn scraps I have...I've made a ton of scarves as you know and just have had the greatest time.  I decided to make a few baby hats with some leftover yarn.  I can't wait for my little baby granddaughter to come back into town from her Thanksgiving trip to try them out on her cute little head. 

The first one is basically double crochets around although I added a little bit of a decorative edging and found this flower on Pinterest (that's my "Crochet" board on Pinterest...if you are not on Pinterest you really need to check it out...all kinds of things make, recipes, home ideas, decorating ideas, funny things, etc.!)  to add to my little cap.  I may add a big button to the center of the flower...not too sure about that since little Baby Girl is starting to put everything in her mouth! 
So easy, so fast...and so trendy and cute!

The second one is a little butterfly cap I made with the same pink yarn from the flower above.  It was also ridiculously easy if you know how to crochet double, slip stitch and single stitches.  I did learn how to make a Magic Circle for this one where you don't have a "hole" in the center of the beginning ring.  You crocheters will know what I'm talking about.  You can learn how to make a Magic Circle HERE.  And here is the pattern for this little cap HERE.

And here is my version:
So hurry home Baby Girl so we can dress you up!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Sweet crochet hats. They will be adorable on baby girl. I also cannot sit & watch tv without my hands being busy crocheting.

  2. Susan I ca identify with you-- I also get restless watching TV!

  3. These are so cute!!! Your granddaughter is going to look adorable. You sound like me- I am a dabbler when it comes to crafts- I think I have tried it all (my husband HATED the mosiac phase- he kept getting little pieces of glass stuck in his feet!) :)Amy


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