Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Photography Tips

Halloween Photography Tips:
I only have one...don't expect great shots of your two year old subject unless perhaps he's asleep and then you can do a photomerge of an awake face with the sleeping closed eyed face! HAHA! 

Seriously...I had read all these blogs and photography sites on how to get perfect shots.  Like take them during the day in natural light. 
Good idea...
Here's one in natural light:
Oh...and that one was SOTC which if you know ANYTHING about photography means STRAIGHT OUTTA THE CAMERA...untouched, unedited. 
Cute hand, huh?  We were just practicing but AG decided to play the part of a star being hounded by paparazzi.... hmmmm....

And here are a few IJCBSO shots...which if you know AG means, "I JUST CAN'T BE STILL, OMIE!" shots.

And another....  "Yes, Omie...I am a dragon...see my wings and tail?"
And yet another...again...demonstrating the difficult task of getting a good shot of a busy little 2 year old dragon...
One more...just for good measure...
So there you have it....but you know, you get what you get...and I do know how adorable he looked!
Then we went outside...."David, look at Omie...she wants to take a picture of you!".  (not gonna happen just yet!).  But here you get a glimpse of little Taylor in her cow costume (more of her later...she's the easy one!)
Let's try again...look at me, David.
Ok, Omie...just once...
 .0382 seconds later....
But, Omie...I just have to see that airplane!
Finally...a family shot...maybe I can work with this one a bit...
Lovely with my car in the background!
Oh well....what can you do?  HAHA...David did have a great time trick or treating.  He loved that whole candy thing as you would expect.  I bet he wants to go trick or treating today again! 
OK..we did get a few shots of Taylor in her little cow costume.
Check out the cute little tail:
And here's Taylor with her good looking daddy...
She will be 5 months tomorrow, by the way... 
After the trick or treating what do most children do?
Why spread their loot out on the floor to look it over....
And then they eat some...while they eye what they can eat next...

All in all it was a very wonderful Halloween and despite not getting any really great pictures...don't worry...I'll scrap what I have and even though David will not remember this day in a few years...we will have photos to show him and tell him stories about his first trick or treating adventure!

One last shot of Taylor taken earlier in the day in a "I Love My Mummy" tshirt.  Look at those beautiful eyes...
 Wanna see another one?
Can't believe she'll be 5 months tomorrow! Time truly flies!!!

Hope your Halloween was fun and magical and just a little spooky! :)


  1. Adorable little trick-or-treaters......how fun! TFS :)Amy

  2. Like the trick or treat photos. If you scrapbook the one of AG dragon backside or Taylor's cow tail you could enter it into the My Memories Blog It's the No Faces Allowed challenge that ends today.

  3. Oh! This is hilarious!!!! The pics are so much fun!
    David sure is a handsome lil guy! The baby, not the dad, though he is a looker too... don't tell Amanda...
    Taylor is just beautiful!!! Love her cow costume!!!
    Love her lil earrings!!!!

  4. Cute photos Susan! Lil David is adorable as is litle miss...she's got THE most beautiful eyes and long eyelashes...can't wait to see what you do with their pictures.

  5. Love their costumes and great pictures, we can't always get those perfect pictures ;-)

  6. The costumes are adorable and Taylor's eyes are gorgeous!! Aren't our kids blessed to have us take photos of their kids? :)

  7. Oh what adorable pictures Susan-- yeah its so challenging to get photos of children -- wait till you have to go for sports day--Its like a fast paced video game each little thing moves so fast that its so difficult to get even a single photo!now I am tempted to leave my camera at home when I go for sports day at my daughters school!


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