Saturday, May 18, 2013

Project Life: Week 19

Well, my goodness....7 more weeks and we Project Lifers will be at the halfway mark of this year!   (I'm already growing out of my Project Life album....time to go to Volume II!

Here are my Week 19 layouts.  You know...last week I did a more involved layout with all that stamping with Hero Arts so decided to take the quick and easy approach this week.  I went to my stash and found some leftover stuff from a Simple Stories kit called Fabulous.

This all came together very quickly....I was done with the whole think in about an hour (OK, maybe an hour and a half!).

For my journaling card below I simply (love that word) layered a couple of things and added ribbon.  I am sorry but I just cannot have totally flat.  Just can't do it! LOL!  Not with paper, anyway!

My week card...shown below...was just a filler card I added some stickers to.  Fast and simple (using that word again!)
 I cut an arrow with my Silhouette and have it pointing to David.  This is a terrible picture but Project Life is about documenting snippets of your lives....this photo was taken through a one way mirror at his Mother's Morning Out he is with his "fwends" sitting on a mat listening to story time.  I just love seeing him engaged in activities like this.  He and his "fwends" are just 3 years old.  :)
I couldn't NOT include that picture, you know?

Below is a collage photo done with a template from The Lily Pad.  There are some wonderful, wonderful collage templates for 4x6 and 3x4 photos.  They are a great way to get more photos on your layouts, I think, and are easily done in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements if you  have basic skills in those programs.

Here's another photo collage below of our little girl, Taylor, who doesn't mind getting down and dirty!
I just added a couple of stickers and some baker's twine to it.

These collages are also a great way to use "not-so-great" photos and ending up creating a better visual impact (I think).

Here is the right side:

The bottom right photo is another collage and I just added a few stickers to pep it up a bit.

I added another arrow cut with my Silhouette to the journaling card as well as a few cardstock stickers.

Simple Stories....that is the manufacturer of this kit and it does live by its name.  This was very SIMPLE to do.  Sometimes simple is all you need!


  1. I covet your week card. Really. Don't you love templates?? SOOO helpful with PL! Who made the templates you used here? Great page, Susan!! (An hour or even an hour and a half??? Sigh.)

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