Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Life: 2014: DIGITAL!

I have totally loved doing Project Life.  I love paper, I love embellishments, I love bling, I love stuff that makes my albums all fat and wonderful but mostly I love telling our story.   I have bemoaned here more than once how time consuming and what a huge commitment it has been to me.  I have toyed with the idea of going digital but really didn't want to give up paper.  I mean...I HAVE A LOT OF PAPER!   I have a lot of stuff.  I really love playing with my toys.  But the photo editing, getting photos printed were all tasks I didn't love....once I had them in hand I enjoyed making my pages and I loved seeing them.  I thought maybe I'd just go ahead and do physical (as opposed to digital) but do just event scrapping in the Project Life format instead of weekly pages.  And then my friend Kim sent me a link to Tracy Larsen's blog HERE that showed how the wonderful Tracey Larsen is ALSO going digital.  I read it...and got so excited seeing the simplicity of her pages.  I have used some of her templates for 4x6 photos through the year and thought...well, this is just peachy keen.  So after a few sleepless nights...well, ok, that's a slight exaggeration....but after some serious thinking I have decided to go DIGITAL, too!  I am still going to do physical, my grandson's scrapbook. And really, I can print out these pages...slap a button or a piece of ribbon on them and make them hybrid, you know? And if I want to do some real physical pages, I can always do that, too.  The skies the limit!

I'm excited.  I feel happy.  I feel relieved.

So here is my title page....I'm going to use Cathy Zielske's templates as I like the soft drop shadows and the very slight rounded corners.

Woohoo me....

So this layout took me about 15 minutes total and I am soooo happy with it!

Here you go, 2014!  Oh...and this is a pretty close and shameless (or maybe shameful) CASE of Tracy Larsen's page you can see HERE.

Another great thing about digital and posting to a blog is that you don't get glare! LOL!

Happy Crafting! Happy Digital!  Yay, Technology!

Oh and my Florida State Seminoles won the National Championship last night!  Yay, 'Noles!

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  1. As they say, Welcome to the dark side! I don't know why digital is called dark, because I think it's like seeing daylight. Your title page is perfect! How did you pick Cathy's templates? Because of the wide page border?


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