Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Project Life: Week 46

I mentioned yesterday I had a few layouts from my Project  Life album that I had yet to post.  Here we are at Week 46:

 Look at my cute "week" card.  I designed the card in my Silhouette Software...cut it out, put a printed piece of paper to back it and then added a cute burlap bird which has absolutely NO significance for this week except that I THOUGH IT WAS CUTE!  It's all about cute...whether it has meaning or not!
 I did an insert page of Wade at one month.  Amanda had gotten a chalkboard and put some of Wade's vital statistics on it.  She took about a dozen pictures but it was hard to position the poor little guy.  I think it's adorable though...and will be fun for her to do it  monthly his first year.
I had it printed as a 5x7 for my insert.
 On the reverse side of the insert page of Wade is another 5x7 of all of us (minus my husband who was out of town) when we went to eat one evening. I am next to my BFF of many, many years (as in over 30), Ronni who came from South Florida to take care of me when I had my foot surgery and needed a little extra help.   That is some kind of best friend, isn't it?  I <3 her so much!
 Here is the right side:

 Taylor went to a birthday party (western themed) and got to wear a moustache.  She loved that look.

At the birthday party she actually got to milk a cow which was "awesome".  I used a little Studio Calico word bubble for that photo.  Hard to see it here but she is holding the milk producing part of the cow's body.  LOL!

 I think when I take the time to actually journal on the card it helps to free up spaces for more photos. And I am perfectly happy with the photo heavy approach.  And I bet when you saw this sweet photo of little one month old Wade you said..."Awww.....".  I know I did when I saw it when my daughter sent it to me by text.

And that's it for today, friends.

Happy Crafting and Happy New Year!


  1. FABULOUS week card!!!! I love your family photo! I love the photos of Wade! The chalkboard with Wade is very clever. Sounds like a piglet . . . lololololol! =)

  2. Another wonderful post, Susan! There's absolutely no room for improvement when it comes to your PL project. Kudos! You'll keep going, I assume?

  3. can't believe how big those kiddos are getting! I love the photo of all of you, and Amanda...she looks so young :-)


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