Saturday, November 15, 2014

Project Life, 2014: Week 20

As I work on these pages I am reminded how full my life well as my grandkids.  We are all so very blessed!

Here is the 2 page layout...I always like showing the pages side by side so my readers can get the effect of how they will look when they are printed. And it helps me, make sure that things look relatively balanced!

I used Traci Reed's May kit. I really love these spring-like.

Here is the left side:
I used some Ali Edwards brushes or stamps for the "week twenty" and "so love these moments".  I applied a Just Jamie style over it from her March kit to gave it sort of an acrylic or plastic look. I don't use styles often enough. It always seems like so much trouble! LOL!
Here is the right side:
I love the photos of Wade with his daddy (my son in law).  He's such a good and involved daddy and loves his children so much! He is total hands on and works hard at his job so that my daughter can stay home and raise their children.

Get a load of the icing-less cupcake in the center.  That's Taylor's handiwork! LOL! 

You gotta give that kid a lot of credit! 

And that's it for today!!!


  1. Such sweet pages with such happy photos! As I've said before, your grandkids are going to LOVE watching themselves grow up through your albums. You are a good grandmother, Susan! And a creative one, too! (You go, girl! TWO weeks!)

  2. Great pages, your digital pages look awesome! I wish the weather was like that now!


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