Monday, November 3, 2014

Project Life, 2014: Week 43

I have been looking at ways to become more time efficient (READ: DO IT FASTER) approach to Project Life. I doubt many people other than Donna Gibson and myself spend 12 hours doing a layout! Donna says it takes almost that much time to just pick her photos out! Ok, I made that up but I bet I'm not far off!

Donna is an ├╝ber talented digital scrapbooker...and so GOOD at her Project Life layouts.  She was on the 2013 Becky Higgins Project Life creative team and rocked her pages week after week.  You can check all of her stuff out HERE. She has a great writing style, much fun to read her blog so if you haven't headed over there before I say you need to give it a whirl!

So...she has been tutoring me in ways to do PL to speed things up.  I misunderstood, of course...and went from spending about 6 hours doing a two page layout to basically doubling that.  But that was my fault... 1. I didn't fully get what she was saying...and then the lightbulb came on.  and 2. I insisted on cramming 26 photos into this week's layout which is nearly impossible.  But I did it! LOL!

Here is the two pager:
 I used Traci Reed's October kit and I love the colors of it...perfect for Fall!

Here is a closer look at the left side:
I got some cute photos of little Wade this week...was so happy about that.  Such a sweet little boy.  I love that kid!
And I used the same old template selections for my photos I have in previous weeks.  And some I tweaked the way I wanted.

Here is the right side:
There are 17 photos there...count 'em! 

I'm worn out doing this faster approach!  LOL! I know it will be easier the next time, though, as Donna gave me some great tips.

Happy Crafting! I'm taking a break!

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  1. How sweet! Thank you for all your nice comments about my work, Susan. Now let's get this straight. I think (but don't really remember) I told you about my streamlined approach to PL, certainly not how to speed things up, because I have NO idea how to do that. I must say your 26 photos don't look crammed at all. Such a beautiful fall layout!!


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