Friday, February 3, 2012

I Forgot to Eat Dinner!

I was having so much fun playing with my Silhouette last night that I FORGOT TO EAT DINNER!  Now I don't skip meals often...I like my food but seriously I was so wrapped up in playing with my toys I didn't realize it was late and I hadn't eaten.  But don't worry...I cleaned up and ate!
Here is the card I made from the Print and Cut images I shared on yesterday's post:
I used and old Paper Studio stack of paper I had laying around, some Bazzil and Paper Trey Ink Cardstocks, an old button I found and my Martha Steward fringe scissors for the "grass".  I cut the little leaves out with a free image from the Silhouette Online store.  They cut well through the heavy cardstock and even cut a slit out in the center of the leaf.  Too cute!
Here's a closeup:
I wish I had cut one more layer of the flower petals but oh well...I'll do that next time!

Then I just couldn't wait to try some scrapbooking.  I had this picture of the wild man...his first official school portrait (well, that's not true...he did get "school photos" when he was in daycare for about 5 minutes until his mom decided she needed to be home with him and quit work. :)).  I love this picture because it just captures a look on his face that we see often.  I think at this age I like the natural expressions just shows a little bit of his personality.  And that kid has personality.  In this picture I think he is probably thinking:  "I will sit here but there is no way in HECK you are going to get even the teensiest smile out of me.  I would much rather be running, jumping and playing on the playground.  I am way too cool for this photo taking thing!"
I used papers from Boys and Their Toys (another Paper Studio stack from Hobby Lobby) and I cut both the banner and the "Little Man" word art out with the Silhouette.  I was so excited about doing this that I sort of rushed through retrospect I wish I'd done a little more embellishing but really, I can live with it.  I did a healthy dose of pen stitching but really this is a simple layout for my little man.  I love big elements that overlap on my pages and love the size I did of the Little Man word art.  I had some random stickers around I used for on the banner.  Made a little journaling block that I slipped under the picture and I said DONE!
Again, this cut very rips, no tears...came off the mat easily.  I was happy...
Here's a closeup:
And that's it for today....can't wait to get back down in my craft room and see what other things I can do with my new baby....

Happy Crafting!


  1. It looks like you are having a blast with your new machine. So on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate it. As compared to the expression also.
    Thank you have a great weekend.

    1. Well, my Silhouette and I are still in the honeymoon stage so I don't have any negatives to write. I am always smitten with new.
      Seriously I do really like it. I love I am not bound by a cartridge full of designs I might only use one or two of. I can just go to the Silhouette Online store and choose the images I really will use. What I've cut so far has done really well and I do think the cutting is better (smoother) than the Cricut. The downside is that you have to connect a computer to it. But I find the software pretty easy to use so far although I do have tons to learn. I upgraded the software to the Designer one so that I can import and use other SVG files so I think that's great.
      I haven't cut any TT fonts installed on my computer yet but hopefully will do some of that today. I'd give it a 9 so far....the one point taken off for having to use a computer. I also found it very easy to use taking it out of the box. I basically installed the software and was good to go. I plugged it in and cut. With the Cricut products there was more of a learning curve for me.
      I really don't know that I'll be buying more Cricut cartridges unless there is just a "have to have" this point I can almost see me phasing out my Cricut. But again...I'm in my honeymoon stage and once the Silhouette and I have a squabble I might be all about my Cricut again! :)

  2. Wonderful flower card & scrapbook layout. David definitely has personality. Now if you ever consider phasing out your Cricut cartridge stash I know someone who would love to have them because this gal here is all about the Cricut now. Only thing is I do not think there is a way to remove the cartridge link from the Gypsy.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. Super cute layout and card! I see that you are still sewing (on your card). The pen stitching on the layout is really great too!!! Have fun playing (but don't forget to eat!! ) :)Amy

  4. Thank you Susan, I've heard pretty much the same from everyone who uses the Silhouette. Have fun with your new machine.


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