Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Toys!

My last 5 or 6 days have been busy, busy, busy!  I had a couple of houseguests and we had a great time taking in some of the sights of Atlanta as well as attending that fabulous shower for my daughter.  But now life is returning to normal and I was hoping to get into my craft room (sometimes I like to get all hoity toity and call it my "studio"!) and create this evening but I never got myself going!  Instead I got caught up on some stuff on my DVR.  Wasted evening!  But that's ok...there is always another day, right?

I was at Archiver's the other day and picked up another one of these Petal Rollers by Imaginisce.  Why did I need another one you ask?  Well, I had the one for fabric flowers which has a larger end than this one shown here which is for paper flowers. 

I also picked up a pack of these paper flowers:
There are six sheets of diecut flower spirals in each one...and each sheet has a different double sided print on are some of the prints:
To assemble the flower you first punch it out of the sheet like this:

Then you take your little slotted end on the tool which is similar to a quilling tool and put the thin outside end of your flower in and wind it up. 
After you do that you simple let it uncoil a little bit to the shape you is one rolled up but loosened:

Then you can use your tool to curl the petals a little bit to give them a little more "natural" look.
And then you just drop some hot glue on the base and you have a perfectly cute dimensional flower.

And I am loving the dimensional flowers that are so in rage these days! 

My friend, Cyndi, was telling me that the Creating Keepsakes Tips and Tricks book is all about FLOWERS!  I need to pick up a copy soon!!!

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