Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Organization Part 2

I continued to work on the organization of my embossing folders.  I had several sets of border folders as well as some of the 2" x 2.75" folders.  I decided to purchase some plain white CD sleeves (I got these from Office Depot...a pack of 50 was under $4 (they may be cheaper elsewhere).  I thought they worked just fine to hold the smaller folders as well as the border pieces.
Here is how the sleeve looked with the samples embossed on it:
And here is my drawer loaded with easy to find and identify folders!  I think this system will work well and I shouldn't outgrow it any time soon!

I also used the CD sleeves to put my Spellbinder dies in.  I basically cut apart the folder that the dies come attached to when purchased.  The dies are  held on to the folders with double sided tape so I just kept that portion of the card because it holds the dies in place.  Then I cut the front part of the card which showed what the dies looked like and adhered that to the front of the CD sleeve.  I also made little file tabs with the name of the die set on it.  They aren't exactly "cute" but they are functional and I think a better way for me to keep up with my 'inventory'.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Will be using your wonderful ideas to organize my Spellbinders & embossing folders.

  2. Will certainly use your wonderful ideas to organize my embossing folders & Spellbinders Nestabilities.

  3. Not only are you the GQ, you are now the OQ - the Organizing Queen!


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