Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is a Time of Giving...

...but what 'cha get, what 'cha get, what 'cha get???

LOL...I sound like a greedy child but I am interested in knowing what people received for Christmas.  I was really happy with some gifts I gave...like a really pretty scarf made out of tied fibers that I gave to my daughter, the little pink and brown hat I crocheted for my granddaughter, a huge bag of pistachios for my son, a really pretty wine stopper and ring to stop drippage to my son in law. It is always fun to find gifts you know that people will love and appreciate.

Tomorrow we will be visiting my kid's grandmother and I just know she is going to like what I got for her.  I'm not going to post that here though...just in case she reads my blog!

One thing that I received for Christmas that I am just crazy about is the Scrap'n Easel which is shown here:
I have mine put aside right now as I have put the sticky tabs on it and it needs 24 hours to cure.  I want it cured well so I am resisting touching it! :)
I love this scrapping/paper crafting tool.  I am so short and often stand up so I can see my layouts better...this will provide a raised view and is more ergonomic so as not cause neck strain.  I like that idea.  Plus you can invert it for displays or photographing of the art work that has been completed.  It is magnetic and comes with some nice strong magnets and folds up pretty thin so will be portable for cropping outside the home.  It is two sided with 2 12 inch mats/grids which are helpful for placement of your photos and embellishments.  I can't wait to use it!

Happy Crafting!


  1. What a great gift for a crafter! I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it. Regarding your other comment on my blog- yes, we did call her Amanda-Panda too!!! How funny is that? Have fun playing with your new toys! :)Amy

  2. Enjoy your Scrap 'n Easel. Especially like that your daughter read your wish list on Pinterest and got you something you had listed.

  3. very interesting gift. Hope you enjoy it. I got a lot of stuff I wanted this year and was thrilled...a kindle, some old navy clothes, gift cards to online stores (stamp). Was a wonderful Christmas!


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