Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Coupla Tags...and a Few Light Photos!

Here are a couple of tags I made at Archiver's but forgot to post.  the top one was made with some Tim Holtz tissue paper that was just secured to some cardstock.  I think you could use any printed tissue paper...we also used that button maker thingy...embossed a teensy snowflake and then put it in the little charm and adhered a clear cover to it.  The bottom tag was done with a little embossing, Corner chompers, a scalloped punch, some Signo pen inkwork, a little heat embossing and some stickers.  Cute, huh?

Last night we took the kids (my grandkids, of course) to Stone Mountain Park which is a big park here in metro Atlanta.  Perhaps you've heard of it?  It's a huge chunk of granite (the Stone Mountain part) and a really huge and fabulous park with all kinds of activities.  At Christmas it is decorated with thousands and thousands of lights.  I love lights. 
Here are a few photos I took of the lights.  I love my little point and shoot for night photography...there is actually a setting for night time hand held photographing where it takes 3 photos successively and then merges them into one good photo.  Doesn't work well on people of course because of movement but it does work nicely for lighted things. 
 Adorable Grandson, New Baby Girl and their daddy waiting for the parade:

 Watching the parade:

 The Snow Queen:

 Santa and Mrs. Claus:
 Lights, lights and more lights!

 Here you can see the outline of Stone Mountain with a lighted Christmas tree on top:

Well, off to the grocery store and also will be wrapping "pweshents" today!  David likes "pweshents" so you know his Omie will have a few for him! 

Happy Crafting!


  1. Like the tags. Especially like the use of the tissue paper & the snowflake in the clear charm holder. Wonderful photography of the Christmas lights. The lights & parade look amazing.

  2. Great tags! And TFS the great pictures- it reminds me of the Electric Parade in Disneyworld! I love the lights! :)Amy


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